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Tonify Qi

Herbal Formulas for Tonifying Qi

FormulaHerb IngredientsDiagnosisCommentsCategory
Si Jun Zi Tang (4 Gentleman Dec.) ren shen, bai zhu, fu ling, gan cao Spleen qi def. Enhances digestive function. Fx changes in a very subtle way & works in the qi & yang levels. Tonify Qi
Yi Gong San Si jun zi tang + chen pi; sheng jiang; da zao Sp Qi def. leading to an irregular appetite accompanied by a stifling sensation in the chest & epigastrium (blank) Tonify Qi
Liu Jun Zi Tang (6 Gentleman) Si jun zi tang + chen pi; ban xia Concurrent SP qi def. & phlegm Addresses stagnation resulting from SP def. Contains Er Chen Tang; Yi gong san; Si jun zi tang; Du shen tang Tonify Qi
Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang Liu jun zi tang + sha ren; mu xiang Disharmony b/w SP & ST w/ Dampness Very warming & drying; C/I: Yin Def. Tonify Qi
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San ren shen; bai zhu; fu ling; zhi gan cao; shan yao; bai bian dou; lian zi; yi yi ren; sha ren; jie geng SP qi def. w/ internally-generated dampness (blank) Tonify Qi
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang huang qi; ren shen; bai zhu; gan cao; dang gui; chen pi; sheng ma; chai hu [6 gentleman w/ dang gui replacing [ban xia + fu ling] Adding huang qi + sheng ma + chai hu] Sinking of the yang due to SP & ST QI def. Aspect of SP & ST def. that pertains is the breakdown of ability of mid burner qi to restrain or hold things in place Tonify Qi
Sheng Mai San ren shen; mai men dong; wu wei zi Simultaneous LU qi & yin def. Used to treat acute collapse & tmt. of hemorrhagic or cardiogenic shock Tonify Qi
Bu Fei Tang ren shen; huang qi; shu di huang; wu wei zi; zi wan; sang bai pi LU qi def. Focus on LU & Wei qi def.; C/I - Ext. pathogen Tonify Qi
Ren Shen Ge Jie San ge jie; ren shen; fu ling; sang bai pi; xing ren; chuan bei mu; zhi mu; zhi gan cao LU qi def. w/ Heat in LU (blank) Tonify Qi
Created by: pititdlo
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