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La nostalgie du pays

accueillir to welcome
améliorer to improve
bouleversement (m) upheaval
chômage (m) unemployment
cristalliser to crystallise, to concentrate
dépaysé(e) to not feel at home
faire monter cause a rise in
inondation (f) flood
insécurité insecurity
involontaire unwanted, forced
mal (m) maux (pl) harm
nostalgie (f) du pays homesickness
sécheresse (f) drought
souffrance (f) difficulty, suffering
tremblement (m) de terre earthquake
volontaire voluntary, willing
allocation (f) allowance
atteindre to reach
avoir lieu to take place, to occur
discours (m) speech ,position
emploi (m) employment
envahir to overrun, to invade
faire preuve to show
milieu (m) social environment
souvent often
Algérie (f) Algeria
amer/amère bitter
angoisse (f) anxiety, worry
avoir le droit to be allowed, to have a right to
Caldoche (m/f) French citizen living in New Caledonia
campagne (f) de terrorisme a terrorist campaign
chrétien(ne) Christian
colonisateur (m) coloniser
également equally, just as...
en tant que as
entreprise (f) business
interdire to forbid
mal (m) du pays homesickness (for a country)
malentendu (m) misunderstanding
marcher to work, to be possible
musulman(e) Muslim
oser to dare
pied-noir (m/f) French citizen living formerly in Algeria
porter le tchador to wear the Muslim headdress
rafale (f) burst (of gunfire)
augmenter to increase
baisser to decrease
en baisse decreasing
camion (m) truck
clandestin(e) secret, hidden, illegal
dissoudre to dissolve, to melt into
embrasser to embrace (literal), to encompass (figurative)
enceinte (f) des écoles school precincts
freiner to put a break on, to slow down
main-d'œuvre (f) workforce, labour force
paraître to seem
pays (m) d'accueil welcoming or host country
port (m) du voile wearing the veil or hijab
recrutement (m) recruitment, signing-up
terre (f) d'asile asylum, place of refuge
vague (f) wave
à peine hardly, scarcely
aisé(e) well-off
arc-en-ciel (m) rainbow
bailleur/bailleresse renting officer
banlieue (f) suburb
berge (f) river edge
compter to contain, to count
décennie (f) decade
se déplacer to move
s'efforcer to make an effort
gérer to manage, to look after
hausse (f) rise
immobilier (m) real estate
s'installer to settle
logements (mpl) sociaux low-rent housing
loyer (m) rent
maintenir to maintain
ménage (m) household
montant (m) sum, price
moyenne (f) the average, the mean
répartir to spread
ruelle (f) small lane
séduire attract
traiter to deal with
à proximité near
arrestation (f) arrest
s'attendre à to expect
décès (m) death
déclencheur (m) trigger (factor)
délabré(e) run-down, in a poor state
durée (f) time, period
échec (m) setback, failure
égalitaire egalitarian, offering equal chances
électrocution (f) electrocution
embraser to inflame
émeute (f) riot
émeutier(-ière) rioter
envenimer to make or turn nasty
état (m) d'urgence state of emergency
forces (fpl) de l'ordre riot police
gaz (m) lacrymogène tear gas
grenade (f) hand-thrown explosive
incendier to set fire to
lancer to throw
marginaliser to marginalize, to 'freeze out'
mépriser to scorn, to put down
mosquée (f) mosque
poste source électrique electric power substation
poursuivre to pursue
rassembler to call together
se répandre to spread
sapeur-pompier (m) fireman
témoigner to show, to illustrate
à plusieurs reprises on several occasions
exclure to exclude
laïcité (f) lay or non-religious nature
ostentatoire ostentatious, very visible
se résoudre to sort itself out, to be decided
retirer to take off
comportement (m) behaviour
contrôle (m) police check
contrôle routier road block/check
contrôleur (m) conductor, inspector
courber l'échine (f) to bow down to
exiger to demand
fouille (f) au corps body search
fusil-mitrailleur (m) machine-gun
moindre least
plainte (f) complaint
prétendre to claim
science (f) de l'information information technology
subir to undergo
tutoyer to use the familiar 'tu' form in speaking
viser to aim at
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