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Atherton: The House of Power Edgar lives in a place of three distinct worlds: The Highlands, Tabletop, and The Flatlands. When he finds a message hidden in the rock walls, he knows that he may be the only one who can save Atherton from destruction. Patrick Carman
Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars Verse, paintings and scientific facts bring the marvels of the Universe to life. The changing of Pluto’s status as a planet is included. Douglas Florian
Crossing Bok Chitto: A Choctaw Tale of Friendship and Freedom On one side of Bok Chitto is the plantation and on the other the Choctaws. If a slave could get across the river to the Choctaw tribe, there was freedom. With the aide of a Choctaw secret and a bit of magic, Little Mo’s family is able to escape to freedom Tim Tingle
Gabriel's Horses Though twelve-year-old Gabriel’s father is a free black man, his mother is a slave; thus he is also a slave. His father trains thoroughbred race horses, and it is Gabriel’s desire to be a jockey some day. Alison Hart
How to Steal a Dog One secret that Georgina plans to keep from everyone is that her father left; now she, her mother and her little brother, Toby, are homeless. When she sees a sign offering a $500.00 reward for a lost dog, she sees a way out of her troubles. Barbara O'Connor
The Invention of Hugo Cabret In this novel, picture book, graphic novel, the reader is introduced to the orphaned son of a clockmaker in 1931 Paris, who manages to keep the secret of his father’s death by continuing the job of winding the huge clocks at the Paris train station. Brian Selznick
Just Grace There are four girls named Grace in the same third grade class. “Just Grace” prides herself in empathizing with others, but her attempt at helping her neighbor feel better about her lost cat backfires. Charise Mericle Harper
Lawn Boy On his twelfth birthday he is broke and bored, and his grandmother gives him an old riding lawnmower. Before long he’s working every day making $20.00 a lawn.. Then, Arnold the stockbroker comes into his life. No more boring summer. Gary Paulsen
Marvelous Mattie: How Margaret E. Knight Became an Inventor Inventor, Margaret Knight, was not the usual 19th century young woman. Her first inventions were for her brothers, and at age twelve she invented a shuttle-guard that prevented many mill injuries. She became part of history when a man stole her invention. Emily Arnold McCully
The Middle of Somewhere Twelve-year-old Ronnie wants to see the world. The opportunity for her and her brother to travel with their wind prospector grandfather in his camper comes when her mother is injured in a hilarious romp through the house chasing a squirrel. J.B. Cheaney
One-Handed Catch Sixth grader Norm’s future plans are built around being either a pitcher or an artist, but when he loses his hand helping his father by grinding meat for a customer, his hopes are shattered. Norm must find the strength to not give up on his dreams. Mary Jane Auch
One Potato, Two Potato Mr. and Mrs. O’Grady are so poor that they have had to share one coat, one blanket, and one potato each day, but they don’t mind. When Mr. O’Grady finds a pot with the magical power, they have the chance to make big changes in their simple life. Cynthia C. DeFelice
Tall Tales Meg finally makes a friend after having to move time-after-time as her alcoholic father is constantly trying to make a fresh start. She is afraid to tell Grace her family secrets, but as the truth comes out, Meg discovers what friendship is about. Karen Day
Team Moon Everyone knows about the job of the astronauts in the space program, but most don’t realize the thousands of people it takes behind the scenes to have a successful mission. With photos from NASA and quotes from those involved, everyone is given their due. Catherine Thimmesh
The Thing About Georgie Georgie is a Little Person, and for the most part he is happy with his life. However, finding out he is about to become a brother, dealing with Jeanie the Meanie, and having a major fight with his best friend all converge during his fourth-grade year. Lisa Graff
This is Just to Say: Poems of Apology and Forgiveness The assignment for this fictionalized class is to write poems of apology. It’s a hit. The students ask the recipients of the apologies to reply, and the class puts them together in a book. Joyce Sidman
Toys Go Out Told in six episodic adventures, Lumpy, Stingray, and Plastic, three best friends who are toys belonging to the Little Girl, discover the dangers and adventures of life in these funny and endearing tales. Emily Jenkins
Way Down Deep Ruby a toddler found by the townspeople in the summer of 1944, lives with Miss Arbutus. She loves her life but has always wondered about her history. Her discoveries lead to even more questions for Ruby who has decisions to make about the rest of her lif Ruth White
What You Never Knew About Beds, Bedrooms, & Pajamas From The Stone Age to Modern Times the development of all that has to do with sleeping is related in an entertaining, but factual manner. No one will be able to get ready for bed in the same way again, and it might be difficult getting to sleep. Patricia Lauber
The Winner's Walk Everyone in Case’s family has a special talent, and nine-year-old Case is determined to find his. Things are beginning to look bleak as plan after plan fails — until he finds a lost dog he names Noah. Nancy Ruth Patterson
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