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Greek Roots


Greek RootMeaningFamiliar Words
Arch Chief, leader, ruler Archangel, monarch, archaic, archenemy
Bell War Belligerent, bellicose
Bio Life Biography, autobiography
Cap Take, seize Capture, captivate, capacity
Chron Time Chronicle, chronometer, synchronize
Cred Believe credible, credulous, credibility, credit, credo, incredible
Demo People Demography, democracy, epidemic
Dynam Power Dynamo, dynamics
Equ Equal Equal, equity, equanimity, equate, equidistant
Fac Make, do Manufacture, Factory, benefactor
Frater Brother Fraternal, fraternize
Geo Earth Geopolitical, geology, geography, geothermal
Graph Writing Graphology, biography, telegraphy, geography
Hemo, hema, hem Blood Hemophila, hematology, hemogoblin
Hydro, hydr Water Dehydrate, hydraulics, hydroelectric, hydroplane
Ject Throw Inject, reject, subject, projection
Man Hand Manufacture, manual, manuscript
Meta Behind, between, beyond Metacognition, metaphysics
Nov New Novel, renovate, innovation
Ortho Straight, correct Orthodox, orthodontist, orthopedic
Pac Peace Pacify, pacifist
Soph Wisdom, knowledge Philosophy, sophomoric
Temp Time, temporary Temporary, temporize
Ven Vent, come go Intervene, convene, contravene
Ami, amic Love Amiable, amicable
Created by: lsotomayor