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Chapter 7 A+


Steve adds a second 1GB 240pin DIMM to his PC, which should bring the total RAM in the system up to 2GB. The PC has an Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz processor and three 240pin DIMM slots on the motherboard. When he turns on the PC, however, only 1GB of RAM shows? Steve failed to seat the RAM properly.
Scott wants to add 512 MB of PC100 SDRAM to an aging but still useful desktop system. The system has a 100-MHz motherboard and currently has 256 MB of non-ECC SDRAM in the system. What else does he need to know before installing? Scott needs to know if the system can handle that much RAM.
What is the primary reason that DDR2 RAM is faster than DDR RAM? The input/output speed of DDR2 RAM is faster than that of DDR RAM (although the latency is higher).
What is the term for the delay in the RAM's response to a request from the MCC? Latency is the term for the delay in the RAM's response to a request from the MCC.
Rico has a motherboard with four RAM slots that doesn't seem to work. He has two RDRAM RIMMs installed, for a total of 1 GB of memory, but the system won't boot. What is likely to be the problem? RDRAM-based motherboards require empty slots to be filled with CRIMMs for termination.
Silas has an AMD-based motherboard with two sticks of DDR2 RAM installed in two of the three RAM slots, for a total of 2 GB of system memory. When he runs CPU-Z to test the system, he notices that the software claims he's running single-channel memory? Motherboards can be tricky and require you to install RAM in the proper slots to enable dual-channel memory access. In this case, Silas should move one of the installed sticks to a different slot to activate dual-channel memory. (And should check manual).
Which of the following Control Panel applets will display the amount of RAM in your PC? You can use the System applet to see how much RAM is currently in your PC.
What is the best way to determine the total capacity and specific type of RAM your system can handle? The best way to determine the total capacity and specific type of RAM your system can handle is to check the motherboard book.
Gregor installed a third stick of known good RAM into his Core i7 system, bringing the total amount of RAM up to 3 GB. Within a few days, though, he started having random lockups and reboots, especially when doing memory-intensive tasks such as gaming? Most likely, Gregor installed RAM that didn't match the speed or quality of the RAM in the system.
Cindy installs a second stick of DDR2 RAM into her Core 2 Duo system, bringing the total system memory up to 2 GB. Within a short period of time, though, she begins experiencing Blue Screens of Death. What could the problem be? If you have no problems with a system and then experience problems after installing something new, chances are the something new is at fault.
Created by: rtibunsayiii