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Communication Arts

Vocab Week 6

demonstrate (pick one defention) to teach or explain by showing how to do or use something / to prove or show clearly
demonsration act of teaching explaing or operating something
demonstrate (pick defenition you haven't done yet) to prove or show clearly / to teach or explain by showing how to do or use something
establish (pick a defention) to prove or show something clearly / to create or start
establish (pick one defention you haven't done yet) to prove or show something clearly / to create or start
What's required to DEMONSTRATE how to kick a soccer ball into a net? A soccer ball and net
WHat can help you DEMONSTRATE that you are a good swimmer? Swim awards
How can you establish a theory? by proving your theory
what would be a creative demonstartion? how to make a loom bracelet
how could you establish new study habits? by making study stacks for each test (*U*)
a simile is a ______ using _ or _. Think of a simile. comaprison like as One simile you could have used : The thunder sounds like angels bowling.
Alliteration is the ______ of the begining _____ ________ in a _______ of words. Think of an alliteration example. repetition constant sound string. ex you could have used: Red round balloons.
repetiotion is the ____ of a ____ _____ _____ or _________ Think of an example of repetition. repeating word words sentence or phrase ex "Help me please! Help me now!"
A memoir is a story about ____ important event that happened to the _______ Think of a memoir we read. one writer ex sour patch kids
personification is giving ______ things ______ character _____ Think of an example of personification non-human human traits ex The bark gripped my hand
A metaphor is a cmparison _______ using ____ or _______ think of a metaphor without like as ex Her plastic skin is ice
onomatopoeia is a word that _______ the ____ that is named think of onomatopeia imitates sound ex I jumped ad landed with a thud
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