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what is the instrumentation for obstetric surgery major abdominal sets
what is the positioning supine with a roll on the right side. Maybe lithotomy.
onset of labor - complete when the cervix is fully dilated stage 1
complete dilation of the cervix and terminates with the birth of the infant stage 2
the birth of the infant and ends when the placenta is delivered stage 3
mothers condition has stabilized stage 4
false labor braxton hicks
a term used to describe a small amount of blood-tinged mucus flowing from the vagina; bloody show
a measurement of the opening available in the cervix for the passage of uterine contents cervical dilation
a process in which the cervix is softens and thins and is taken up into the lower uterine segments cervical effacement
muscular action of uterus to expel the fetus contractions
a term used to describe the event in which the largest diameter of the fetal head is encircled by the vulvar ring crowning
movement of the fetus through the pelvic canal caused by the force of uterine contractions descent
delivery of the shoulder and the body of the fetus expulsion
rotation of the fetal head back to its original position as the head passes over the perineum extension rotaion
a change in the relative position of the cervical spine bringing head toward the chest in the occipito anterior position flexion
a term that indicates the number of times a women has been pregnant gravida
rotation of the fetal head as it meets the musculature of the pelvic floor internal rotation
relationship that exists between the long axis of the fetus and the long axis of the mother lie
a term used to describe the settling of the fetal head into the brim of the pelvis lightening
a term that indicates the number of times a women has given birth para
relationship between the presenting fetal part and the maternal body pelvis position
a term referring to the fetal part overlying the pelvic inlet presentation
in obstetrics 'station' is the level of the fetal head relative to the level of the ischial spine of the mothers pelvis station
most common position is the OA occiput anterior
the parts adjoining an organ adnexa
an intentional midline surgical incision in the perineum episiotomy
dilating and effacing prematurely in particular during the second trimester incompetent cercix
a hollow thick walled pear shaped organ that sits in between the bladder and rectum uterus
the middle of the uterus is called the fundus
the cervix opens into the vagina at the external OS
mucous secreting tissue of the cervix endometrium and lining of the internal OS
name the layers cervix inner- endometrium middle- myometrium outside- peritoneum
the visceral __________ lies over the pelvic surface of the uterus peritoneum
name the paired ligaments broad cardinal round and uterosacral
the broad ligament contains: round and ovarian ligaments
the uterine arterial supply is the uterine branch of the internal iliac arteries
in late second early third trimester we perform a _____________ to prevent spontaneous abortion due to incompetent cervix cervical cerclage
we use a ________ incision, and we use a ___blade midline low transverse with a 10 blade
the vagina uterus and cervix Fallopian tubes and the ovaries are internal female organs
another word for the pelvic girdle is bony pelvis
ilia ischia and and pubic are all made of what pelvic gridle
name the parts of the pelvic floor levator ani muscle iliococcygeal pubococcygeal and the puborectalis
this is a thin sheet of muscle and arises off the pelvic sidewall along the ischial spine iliococcygeus
this is U shaped and provides "sling-like" support puborectalis
this is called the false pelvis superior
this is the true pelvis inferior
the true pelvis contains sacrum ischia pubis and ligaments
this is round while the outlet is more transversely oval pelvic inlet
these act as moorings for the uterus and vagina cardinal round and infundibulopelvic
name the four anatomical planes of the vigina perivesical vesicovaginal vesicocervical and rectovaginal spaces
external female genital is called vulva
name the parts of the vulva mons pons labia majora labia minora clitoris bartholins glands fourchette and perineum
this is rounded eminence anterior to the symphysis pubis mons pubis
these are rounded prominent longitudinal flaps extending from the mons to the perineum labia majora
these are two flat reddish cutaneous flaps lying between the labia majora labia minora
which one of the labia's contain sebaceous glands minora
this is a erectile structure located directly above the urethral orifice clitoris
this cavity is between the labia minora and it contains the urethral meatus, bartholins glands vestibule
these secrete a lubricating mucoid substance bartholins glands
a thin fold of mucous membrane located just inside the vaginal orifice hymen hymenal ring
this is supported by the pelvic and urogential diaphramgs perineum
these muscles support the perineal levator ani coccygeal and deep transverse
the perineum is sensitive because of which nerve pudendal
this is a fibromuscular tube vagina
vaginal muscularis is composed of an innner____ muscle and an outer_______ layer circular longitudinal
the annular recess creatd by the cervical-vagnal junction is termed the _____ fornix
the uterine appendages are called adnexa aka the fallopian tubes and ovaries
the uterine corpus lies entirely with the _____ pelvis lesser
where the cervix ultimately opens into the vagina is the external ___ OS
where does the uterine lining become the mucous secreting tissue of the cervix internal OS
the uterus is innervated by the ______ and ______plexuses ovarian hypogastric
the fallopian tubes open into the uterus at the uterine os is called cornu
the fallopian tube opens to the ovary at the abdominal OS
this sphincter effect is important in the prevention of endometriosis isthmus
the intramural portion communicates with the uterus at the cornu
This is the thickest layer in the ampulla circular
surgical resection for localized carcinoma unless anaplastic carcinoma or lymphoma thyroid carinoma
radioiodine ablation of active thyroid tissue hyperthyroid
surgical resection of affected gland hyperparathyroid
antibiotic therapy in case of wound infection and controlled diet hypoparathyroid
these cells produce store and release thyroxine and triiodothyronine follicular
these cells secrete calcitonin parafollicular
the ____ thyroid artery is the largest branch of the thyrocervical trunk of the subclavian inferior
invloves the vafinal mucosa or perineal skin frist degree
extends into the vaginal submucosa or perineum with or without the perineal body 2nd degree
involves the anal sphincter 3rd degree
involves the rectal mucosa 4th degree
cervical cerclage is also called the shirodkars
what surgery is performed to prevent a spontaneous abortion cervical cerclage
each tube is located in the mesosalpinx
when the baby is born and you cant tell the sex ambiguous genitalia
infected hair follicle inclusion cyst
out pouching weakening in the wall causing urine to leak into the sack urethral diverticula
persistent infection usually caused by std chronic cervicitis
benign fatty growths that grow on a stalk pedunculated
rubbing skin and causing a burn escoreation
another word for ring worm impetigo
another word for fibroids leiomyomas
postmenopausal bleeding endometrial hyperplasia
this is directly related to estrogen levels looks like an ectopic pg functional ovarian tumor
this can sit on a stalk and weigh up to 100lbs neoplastic ovarian tumor
this is an over arching term: meaning anything that causes a disruption with menstruating DUB-dysfunctional uterine bleeding
cystocele and rectocele are all categorized under pelvic organ prolapse
the schillers test is used on what cervical cancer
the collins test is used on what vulvar cancer
aaron canule is used on what procedure hystroscopy
these two sickness are indicated by epithelium that appears white after the app. of acetic acid cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and cervical dysplasia
mosaic or punctuation are signs of CIN
this surgery is used to treat adhesions polyps and myomas hysteroscopy
obstruction is commonly results from gonococcal infection or most frequently trauma bartholins glands cyst
this is performed as a last recourse when other treatments such as laser ablation and wide local lesion have failed vulvectomy
a radical _____involves the groin exploration removal of lymph nodes and a wide resection of the tissue radical vulvectomy
external genitalia wart usually spread by sexual contact ablation of condylomata
procedure is performed to correct labia minora hypertrophy caused by congential abnormality labiaplasty
indication for this procedure are ovarian malignancy, cystic disease strangulated ovaries infection adhesions and endometriosis oophorectomy
removal of the ovaries oophorectomy
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