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bible test ch.1-3

what is quest question, uncover, examine, search/seek, truth
what is character who you are when no one is looking
love charity
godliness like God
knowledge information
temperance self-control
perseverance patience
virtue moral goodness
faith belief
what is diligence giving all effort
at what absolute point must we as Christians begin before we can develop Godly character faith in Jesus Christ
what verse talks about every good and perfect gift comes for God and that his marvelous light stays and does not shift like shadows James 1:17
what is probably the wisest way to obtain godly knowledge reading the Word
what does Luke 6:45 say? what ever you store up in your heart will eventually come out of your mouth whether it is good or bad.
what is agape? the love God has for us
how did we define the word character? who you are deep inside not how you act around others (facade)
waht kind of love does God have for us? unconditional love
how do we know this in other words, what did He do to demonstrate this? He sent his only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins
what is a verse the supports the demonstration God sent? John 3:16 and Romans 5:8
what does the scripture mean when it says giving all diligence? giving all your effort
is it easy or difficult to be diligent difficult; you want to take the easy way out sometimes instead of doing what you know is right
where in the new testament would you find the 8 things that should make up your character? 2 Peter 1:5-8
what is the absolute starting point before we as christians can develop these positive attributes faith in Jesus
If we do these thing what does God's Word say about our knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ? It will increase and our faith will increase and will produce good fruit
can sinners have good moral character: YES OR NO; WHY yes: they can have good morals but this will not allow the to go to heaven only accepting Jesus Christ will. (John 14:6)
who is the only one who can give us the good gift of true character? God; James 1:17
how do we obtain godly knowledge? by reading the bible and learning from it
what two kinds of treasure are mentioned in Luke 6:45 good and evil treasure
from where does the mouth get its words? the heart
from where does each man listed in this verse get his treasure? good man- gets it from the good in his heart evil man- gets it from the evil in his heart
how did each man store up his treasure? In what he saw, heard, did.
what will come out of your heart? what ever you store in it
what is the foundational character trait? love
what is love meeting the needs of others unselfishly
Is love just a feeling no, love is not just a feeling because we should show it to others making it an action
what is conditional love? focuses on self
what is unconditional love? focuses on others
why does the Word say that love is a foundational character trait? The word says love is a foundational character trait because without love nothing really counts
what is the meaning of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a Love endures all and never fails
what is the difference in agape and carnal love agape=unconditional love/loves in spite of/lasts forever carnal=conditional love/loves if or because/lasts for a period of time
what is the verse that says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding? Proverbs 9:10
what is wisdom? observing and responding to life's situations from God's point of view
what are the 3 tests for wisdom of our words or actions are they PURE,PEACEABLE, do they RESULT IN RIGHTEOUSNESS
is wisdom just having knowledge about something? no
why is it not just knowledge? Wisdom is using and applying the information we have. It is not good to know about God and never tell other about Him or talk to HIM. So use the information to glorify Him.
from where does wisdom ultimately come God
who can get wisdom everyone
what verses says if you need wisdom ask our generous God? James 1:5a
how old was Jesus when he was speaking with the priests 12
what is so significant about this age? In Jewish culture at the age of 12 you were considered a man and treated as an adult
what did Jesus tell Mary and Joseph when they asked Him why He was doing this? I am doing my Father's Work!
what did Jesus do when He returned home with Mary and Joseph He was obedient to them
Luke 2:52 states that Jesus developed/grew in four major areas? wisdom, stature, favor with God, favor with man
what is information knowledge
What is the meaning of James 1;5a and James 3:17-18 If you need wisdom ask God and He will give it to you; Wisdom that comes from above is peaceful and affectionate. It has no favorites and wants to seek all. When you sow peace you will reap righteousness
when you begin to _________ the Lord you start to grow in wisdom respect/fear
what is obedience? fulfilling God's directives immediately and without question or hesitation
what is delegated authority? God granted authority to certain individuals
who established all authority? God
why is it fair if you get in trouble for talking and others don't because you made the decision to talk and you are responsible for you own actions
why is procrastination a form of disobedience You are not doing what god says or anyone right when they ask there fore it is delayed obedience which is disobedience
who is the prefect example of obedience Jesus Christ
Is obedience to God an option for Christians No; because if your love for God is genuine and authentic as in we become a christian because we believe in Him and love Him our obedience to God should follow.
why is partial obedience really disobedience because you are only doing part of what you are asked therefore not everything so disobedience
name the 6 things Paul said it takes to win -train-practice correctly -keep your eyes on the prize-eternal life -get rid of the weights that weigh you down-sin -perseverance- keep going -diligence-very best effort -obey the rules
any form of disobedience including delayed and partial are really disobedience
what is a verse that shows how Jesus was the perfect example of obedience Matthew 4:1-11 He was tempted but did not fail for the lust of the flesh lust of the eyes and the pride of life
what is a good book in the bible to grow and learn about wisdom proverbs
wisdom is not proud/knowledge
define procrastination putting off until later what we are supposed to do now
what verse says this is my commandment to love one another as I have loved you John 15:12
God's _________ unifies us? peace
define perfect faultless
was Jesus born perfect or innocent innocent
what verse says it is better to obey than to sacrifice to the lord 1 Samuel 15:22
3 ways why people disobey attention think they won't get caught/ bored
what is a quest a journey
what is our quest this year to find our character in christ
If you deny the truth you are really denying Christ (John 14:6)
difference in information and wisdom? Information-knowledge wisdom- applying the information
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