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Spreadsheets Vocab

Vocabulary and Terms related to Spreadsheets

Workbook An Excel file - a single file
Worksheet A page in a workbook
Maximum number of worksheets possible in an Excel 2010 Workbook 255
Column Vertical information
How columns are named Letters
Row Horizontal information
How rows are named Numbers
Name Box shows the cell reference of the active cell
Formula Bar shows the content of the active cell
Cell Intersection of a column and a row
Cell Reference the name of the cell (for example: A1)
Range A group of adjacent cells
Sheet Tab Tab at the bottom of the worksheet
Home Cell A1
Merge join a group together
Text Wrapping Formatting text to wrap to multiple line within a cell
Formatting Changing how something looks
Ascending Order Smallest to largest (A-Z, 0-9)
Descending Order Largest to smallest (Z-A, 9-0)
By default, how many worksheets are in a workbook? 3
Chart Object different parts of a chart such as its title, legend, or data markers
Chart Sheet A seperate sheet in a workbook that contains a chart
Fill Handle the small black square in the lower-right corner of a worksheet cell used to copy cell contents to adjacent cells
Spreadsheet An environment containing a set of cells arranged in columns and rows
the result of the formula =SUM(D7:H7) Addition
Created by: lrchambers