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Week 3/4

What are the two types of channel pathways? Internal and External
What is an external pathway? Pathways with points that allow us to access qi
What are internal pathways? Have no points, still important
What is the pin yin for sinew? jin
What do the channel sinews refer to? Musculature and tendons
Examples of organs that are sinuous? Falopian tubes, large intestine
What organ is in charge of the sinews? Liver, to keep loose
What is another name for the channel sinews? Tendinomuscular Meridians
How many channel sinews are there? 12
What do the channel sinews follow? The same path as the regular channel, but broader
How deep are the channel sinews? Most superifical of the channels
Where do the channel sinews begin? All begin at the finger/toes
What do the channel sinews contain? Only wei qi
What do channel sinews emphasize? Circulation of qi and blood to muscles, tissue, and joints
What do the channel sinews link together? The structures of the body (bones to muscle)
What do the channel sinews protect? The bones
What are the pathologies of the chanel sinews? Primary manifestation is PAIN,
What type of point is commonly used to treat channel sinews? A shi points
How many channel divergences are there? 12
What are the channel divergences? branches of the 12 regular channels
Where are the channel divergences located? Inside of the body
Do divergent channels have points? No
Why are they called divergent channels? They diverge from the regular pathways
What are the two main functions of the channel divergences? Strengthen the connection between Yin Yang primary organs and channels, and Contain wei qi and act as a 2nd line of defense.
Where do the divergent channels run? All, except SJ, run from the the arms and legs to the trunk, face and head
Where does the SJ divergent channel run? Runs from the top of the head to the trunk.
What are the four distribution of channel divergences? Separate, Enter, Emerge, Merge
Separation of the Channel Divergences They separate from the regular channel on the limbs near the knees/elbows...lower access point
Enter (Channel Divergence) They enter the chest and abdomen, where the yin yang divergent pairs travel together to the organs
Emerge (channel divergence) They emerge from the body cavity at the head/neck
Merge (channel divergences) They merge with the regular yang channel of the pair...upper access point (head/neck)
How many cutaneous regions are there? 12
What are the Cutaneous Regions? Pathway over the surface of the body, most superficial, follows course of 12 regular channels
Superficial to Deep Channels Cutaneous, Sinew, Regular, Divergent
What is the function of the Cutaneous Regions regulate the functions of the skin and interstices, and circulate wei qi and blood to the surface.
How do you treat a Cutaneous Region? Superficially, ex: 7 star, gua sha, cupping
The 8 extraordinary Vessels are also known as outside of the ordinary, do not fit the pattern of the other major vessels
What is the function of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels? Reservoirs of qi and blood, provide additional inter-connections among regular channels and organs, regulate flow of qi
What is the circulation of the 8 Extra Vessels? No continuous, interlinking pattern of circulation
Are the 8 vessels associated with a specific organ type? No, only with specific types of disorders based on location and function
What two of the 8 have their own points? Then ren and the du
What is the opening of the Ren channel? LU 7
Network Vessels are known as? Luo Mai
What are the details of the Network Vessels? Connect interiorly/exteriorly related organs and channels, Bilateral, Travel in all directions, btw Sinew and Regular
What are the two subsets of the Network Vessels? 16 Network Divergences and Minute, Superficial Networks
Where do Network Vessels all break off from? Network Points aka luo connecting points
What is the undescribed network vessel? of the 12 regular channels that goes directly from the network point of a channel to its interiorly/exteriorly paired channel to create a net
What is a described network vessel? Has a specific pathway and specific pathology that differs from the regular channel
Created by: swalters4