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Week 1/2

What does Zhen Jiu Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Earliest discusiion of Channel Theory Huang Di Nei Jing
Therapeutic Goal of Acupuncture Regulate Qi
Acupuncture can (4): Remove Evil, Direct qi where insufficient, Move obstructions, Boost functions of organs and produce more qi and blood
The qi symbols shows Vapors rising from rice
How may the practitioner feel during acupuncture? Feel the qi and see the qi
What may a patient feel during acupuncture? Itching, Numbness, Soreness, Swelling , Temperature Change, electrical sensation
What do you not want your patient to feel? Burning and sharpness
Definition of channel and networks? Pathways that carry qi, blood, body fluids
What are the two major types of pathways in the body? Channel Vessels and Network Vessels
What is the Pin Yin of Channel Vessels? Jing mai
What is the Pin Yin of Network Vessels? Luo Mai
What are channel vessels? Verticle, bilateral, symmetrical/Relatively deep and on Body surface.
How many channels are there? 12 channels, one for every Zang fu Organs
What are network vessels? Branches of channels, connect interiorly/exteriorly paired channels, Not as deep as channel vessels.
What does each channel have? A channel divergence, channel sinews, and cutaneous regions
What are the two major types of channel vessels? 12 Regular channels and 8 Extraordinary Vessels
What are the additional types of channel vessels? 12 Divergent channels, 12 Sinew channels, 12 Cutaneous Regions
How many network divergences are there? 15 or 16
What are the 16 network divergences? 12 regular channels have a network divergence,the ren and du (13/14) and the stomach and spleen have possibly 2 extra network vessels (15/16)
Explain a Network Divergence. Connect interiorly/exteriorly, bilaterl/symmetrical.
What does a network divergence do? Enhances communication among organs and channels.
What is a Fine Netowrk Vessel? Create a net, carry qi and blood to all areas of the body that were not already covered by the net.
What are Superficial Network Vessels? "grandchild network vessels", small branches of network vessels that are visible on the skin. ex: small veins of blood
What are the 5 functions of channel and network vessel system? Transporting, Regulating, Protective and Diagnostic, Therapeutic, Integrating
First function of the channel system? TRANSPORTING qi and blood
Second function of the channel system? REGULATING yin and yang and the functions of the organs to treat disorders.
Third function of the channel system? Resisting pathogens (PROTECTIVE) and reflecting signs and symptoms (DIAGNOSTIC)
Fourth function of the channel system? Transmitting needle sensation and herbal therapeutics (THERAPUETIC)
Fifth function of the channel system? INTEGRATING the whole body
How are the channels named? Whether the channel runs along foot/hand, Is a yin or yang channel, the organ associated.
Where do the 6 yin channels run? along the inner(medial) surface of the limbs and up to the abdomen.
What are the yin channels associated with? Zang organs-LU,SP,HT, KD,PC, LR
Where do the 6 yang channels run? along the outer (lateral) surface of the limbs and across the back/buttocks
What are the yang channels assoiated with? Fu organs-LI, ST, SI, UB, SJ, GB
What is the Lung internally-externally paired with? Large intestine
What is the Stomach internally-externally paired with? Spleen
What is the Heart internally-externally paired with? Small Intestine
What is the Urinary Bladder internally-externally paired with? Kidney
What is the Pericardium internally-externally paired with? San Jiao
What is the Gallbladder internally-externally paired with? Liver
What are the 6 channel pairings/Yin,Yang classification Pairs? LU-SP, HT-KD,PC-LR, SI-UB,LI-ST,SJ-GB
Where do all the yang channels meet? In the face
Where do all the yin channels meet? Abdomen/chest
Where do all of the yin yang channels of the hand meet? Hand
Where do all of the yin yang channels of the foot meet? Foot
Where do the hand yin channels begin and end? Chest-Fingers
Where do the hand yang channels begin and end? Fingers and head
Where do the foot yang channels begin and end? Head and Feet
Where do the foot yin begin and end? Feet and chest
Hand Taiyin Lung Foot Taiyin Spleen
Hand Shaoyin Heart Foot Shaoyin Kidney
Hand Jueyin Pericardium Foot Jueyin Liver
Hand Taiyang Small Intestine Foot Taiyang Urinary Bladder
Hand Yangming Large Intestine Foot Yangming Stomach
Hand Shaoyan Triple Burner Foot Shaoyang Gallbladder
Why are the two types of channel pairings important? Help to understand the transmission of disease from one channel to another, Help interpret symptoms, Help to understand the flow of qi
What is the circulation of qi and blood? LU LI ST SP HT SM UP KD PC TB GB LR(1-3am)
Created by: swalters4