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Chaucer's Characters

Characters of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

Host Harry Bailey, had idea for contest to tell tale and best one would win meal at The Tavern
Summoner Boils on face, finds out secrets and uses blackmail
Knight Highest ranked Pilgrim, one of the few good guys
Plowman Brother of Parson, farmer, honest worker, loves God
Oxford Cleric Skinny as a rail, books more important than eating
Cook Oozing ulcer on face, gross for job description
Friar Knew barmaids and taverns better than sick and needy
Skipper Had prisoners walk the plank, stole wine from boat
Wife of Bath wore red stockings, deaf in one ear, expert on men
Miller Stole grain by holding thumb on scale, had wart on his nose
Franklin Wealthy landowner, looked like Santa
Doctor Made money off Plague, made unethical deals with pharmacists
Monk Loves ladies, gives gifts for social favors, wears fur and hunts
Yeoman used a bow
Pardoner Took money for indulgences for forgiveness of sins, greedy
Parson Went for religious reasons, brother to Plowman, good guy
Reeve Got rich off master's farm, was feared for being a "loan shark"
Guildsmen Group of newly rich workers, haberdashers, blacksmiths, dyers
Squire Son of Knight, bachelor playboy, played flute, handsome
Nun Prioress Large woman, red lips, nasal talking, loved animals more than people
Merchant Bragger with forking beard, brought things along to sell
Geoffrey Chaucer Author of "The Canterbury Tales"
Created by: gotmo