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ClinChem Ch8 and 9

Practice test of ClinChem1 on chapters 8,9 for DelTech Owens

Most glomerular disorders are of __ origin. immune
Glomerular disorders are often accompanied by increased ? serum IgA
A sterile, inflammatory process affecting the glomerulus is called ? glomerularnephritis
What 3 things can be seen in the urine of someone with glomerularnephritis? blood, protein, casts
Glomerularnephritis can quickly go from acute to chronic to __ syndrome, and finally to __ __. nephrotic syndrome, renal failure
This protein comes from A streptococcal infections and acts as a toxin that irritates the glomerulus. M protein
An autoimmune disorder against glomerular and alveolar basement membranes is called ? Goodpasture's Syndrome
Goodpasture's syndrome is caused by a __ __ __ __ often following a viral respiratory disease. antiglomerula basement membrane antibody
Rapidly progressive glomerularnephritis may be accompanied by what signs in the urine? 1. high protein 2. signs of low GFR 3. fibrin degradation products 4. cryoglobulins
Goodpasture's syndrome may be accompanied by what in the urine? Hematuria, proteinuria, RBC casts
Inflammation and granulomas in small blood vessels of the lungs and kidney is called ? Wegener's Granulomatosis
Wegener's granulomatosis is caused by __ __ antibodies. antieutrophilic cytoplasmic
In Wegener's granulomatosis, BUN and creatinine levels will be ? elevated
What is the name of a condition that causes raised red patches on the skin, bloody sputum and stools, and often happens in children following respiratory infections? Henoch-Schonlein Purpura
What symptoms can be detected in the urine of patient's Henoch-Schonlein Purpura? proteinuria, hematuria, RBC csts
When IgG immune complexes on glomerular basement membranes cause thickening of the glomerulus, this is called ? Membranous glomerulonephritis
Membranous glomerulonephritis is often accompanied by microscopic __ and very high protein levels in the urine. hematuria
For acute glomerulonephritis, you will see __ __ in the urine. But for chronic glomerulonephritis, you will see __ and __ casts. RBC casts, broad and waxy
The most common cause of glomerulonephritis is ? Berger's disease (Immunoglobulin A Nephropathy)
It can take __ years for Berger's disease to fully set in. 20
What syndrome can be acute due to systemic shock or complications of glomerulonephritis? Nephrotic syndrome
In nephrotic syndrome, protein passes through the membrane and __ __ levels are depleted, causing increased __ production. serum albumin, lipid
A urinalysis of a patient with nephrotic syndrome will show proteinuria of greater than __ grams per day. greater than 3.5 g/day
A urinalysis of a patient with nephrotic syndrome will show what in the urine (besides proteinuria)? fat droplets, oval fat bodies, fatty casts
IgM and C3 immune deposits in the glomeruli can result in ? focal segmental glomerulonephritis
Focal segmental glomerulonephritis is often a result of ? heroine and analgesic abuse, or HIV
An inherited sex-linked and autosomal disorder affecting basement membranes is called ? Alport's syndrome
In Alport's syndrome, which gender is most affected? men
What is the most common cause of end-stage renal disease? diabetic nephropathy
Increased deposits of cellular and acellular material within the matrix of the Bowman's capsule and around the capillary tufts is called ? diabetic nephropathy
The deposits of cellular and acellular materials in diabetic nephropathy are associated with __ __ from poorly controlled diet. glycosylated proteins
Diabetic nephropathy is a reason for early __ testing. microalbumin
Acute tubular necrosis can result in noticeable __ cells, casts, and fragments in the urine. RTE (renal tubular epithelial)
Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus is due to a failure to produce ? ADH
Renal glycosuria only affects the __ of glucose. reabsorption
The most common renal disease is ? UTI
Cystitis is an infection of the ? bladder
In cystitis, you can expect to find what in the urine? WBCs/pyuria, bacteria, increased pH, mild proteinuria, hematuria
Ascending movement of bacteria that can travel up the urethra into the ureter and that is accompanied by burning and lower back pain is called ? acute pyelonephritis
Acute pyelonephritis will result in the same urinalysis as cystitis but with __ __. WBC casts
A urinalysis that finds hematuria, protienuria, pyuria, and WBC casts, but NO bacteria, could be the result of ? Acute interstitial nephritis
Chronic renal failure can be accompanied by a GFR of __. less than 25 mL/min
Chronic renal failure can be accompanied by BUN and creatinine levels that are (high or low)? high
What kind of casts can you expect to see in urine of patient's with chronic renal failure? Granular, waxy, broad
Renal lithiasis is another term for ? kidney stones
Metabolic overflow disorders can be due to what defects? 1. Melanuria 2. 5-hydroxyindole-acetic acid 3. porphyria 4. infantile tyrosinemia (make sure you at least know the first 2)
Inherited overflow disorders can be due to what defects? 1. Porphyria 2. Galactosemia 3. maple syrup urine disease 4. phenylketonuria 5. tyrosinemia 6. organic acidemias 7. cystinosis 8. Lesch-Nyhan disease (make sure you know the first 2)
Renal disorders can be due to what defects? 1. Hartnup disease 2. Cystinuria
When phenylalanine hydroxylase is missing due to aminoacidurias, urine may have a permanent __ color. green-blue
Isovaleric refers to a "sweaty foot odor" from the __. patient (not urine)
Name 3 porphyrin disorders. 1. uroporphyrin 2. coproporphyrin 3. protoprophyrin
Patients with porphyrin disorders will have what 3 things in their urine? 1. ALA 2. porphobilinogin 3. urobilinogen
Patients with porphyrin disorders will have what 2 things in their feces? 1. coproporphyrin 2. protoporphyrin
Porphyrin disorders can give urine what color after air exposure? This will also be seen on diapers. port wine
Purine disorders/Lesch-Nyhan disease can result in a massive excretion of ? uric acid crystals
Created by: IsaacJ