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BAMS 4th Qtr Vid & Vis

vid to see
vis to see
ize render or to make/to convert
in not or in, into, within, toward
ible that can be --ed
evidence a thing or things helpful in forming a conclusion or judgment; something that furnishes proof; facts established; indication; sign
improvise to make or provide from seeing available materials
improvise to compose and perform or deliver without preparation
invisible impossible to see; not visible
provide to furnish; supply a seen need
revise to see in order to change or modify
supervise to have the charge and direction of; to see over a project or person
visa an official authorization appended to a passport, permitting entry into and travel within a particular country or region; document to be seen as entering a country
visage the expression seen on a person's face
vision the act or power of seeing; sight; something that is or has been seen
vision a lovely or charming sight
vision something seen in a dream
vision a supernatural appearance
visionary one who is given to impractical or speculative ideas; a dreamer
visor a piece projecting from the front of a cap to shade or protect the eyes
visual seen or able to be seen by the eye; visible
visualize to see or form a mental picture of; to imagine
visit to go see a person, place, or event
envision picture in one's mind; to picture to oneself
vista view seen through a narrow opening or passage
vis-à-vis face to face
Created by: BAMS