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BAMS 4th QTR Ject

ject to throw
conjecture to arrive at by guessing or concluding; formation of an opinion without evidence
dejected in low spirits, depressed; discouraged
inject to introduce or throw into something forcefully; to force liquid or medicine into a chamber, passage, cavity or tissue; to insert
interjection a word or phrase used in exclamation thrown into the sentence; something thrown in between other things
jet an airplane powered by one or more jet engines
jet stream of water, steam, gas sent with force
jet to fly
jet a hard, black mineral that is glossy when polished
jet a deep glossy black
jetsam goods which are thrown overboard a ship or plane to lighten in distressed; floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo; thrown or floating debris
reject to refuse to take, use, believe, consider, grant; to throw away
rejection the state of being thrown back, unaccepted; thrown away as useless or unsatisfactory
projectile an object thrown, hurled, or shot in the air
trajectory the curve or path that a body describes in space; the movement of a thrown object
subject something thought about, discussed, investigated
subject something learned or taught
subject person under the power or control of another
subject word or group of words that perform or receive an action
jettison the act of throwing goods overboard to lighten a ship or aircraft in distress
eject to throw out from within; force out, drive out, expel
jetty structure of stones or wooden piles projecting out from the shore to break the force of a current or waves
project proposed plan
project a special assignment carried out by a student or group of students
project group of apartment buildings
project throw or cast forward, to cause to stick out or protrude
project make a forecast for something based on past performance
Created by: BAMS
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