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BAMS 3rd QTR Ped & Pod

ped foot or feet
pod foot or feet
ment result of or product of
meter measure
peri all around
im not
bipeds animal having two feet
quadrupeds animal that has four feet
centipedes any wormlike arthropods with many pairs of legs, the front pair of which are claw-like and contain poison glands
decapods any animal having ten legs, arms, or tentacles
pedigree list of ancestors of a person or animal; line of descent, ancestry, lineage
pedestal base on which a column or statue stands, base of a tall vase or lamp, foundation
podiums a raised platform, especially one used by a public speaker or an orchestra conductor
pedestrians a person who goes on foot; walker; without imagination, dull, slow, commonplace
tripods a three-legged support for a camera or telescope; stool or other article having three legs
impediment hindrance, obstruction; a physical defect generally speech
pedometer an instrument for recording the number of steps taken by the person who carries it and thus measuring the distance traveled in walking
pediatric branch of medicine dealing with children's diseases and the care for babies and children
pedicure the care of treatment of the feet and toenails
podiatry the study and treatment of ailments of the human foot
pedagogue teacher of children
pedal lever worked by the foot to move any kind of machinery
Created by: BAMS



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