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BAMS 3rd QTR Carn & Corp

reincarnation A rebirth in another form; a new embodiment
carnival A season or festival marked by merrymaking and feasting just before Lent; amusements
corsage Small bouquets of flowers worn by women at the shoulder or waist or on the wrist
carnation the variable color of human flesh; Fragrant perennial flowers that were traditionally flesh colored
carnivore Flesh eating animals
corset A close-fitting undergarment, often reinforced by stays, worn to support and shape the waistline
corpulent Excessively fat
corps a group or body of persons associated together or acting under common direction through activity or occupation
esprit de corps A common spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of a group
incorporate To become united or combined into an organized body
carnage Massive slaughter, as in war; dead bodies
carnelian A pale to deep red or reddish-brown variety of clear chalcedony
corpse A body, especially the dead body of a human being
corporal Relating or affecting the body; The lowest ranking noncommissioned officer in the army
corpuscle An unattached body cell, such as a blood or lymph cell
corporation a group of merchants or traders united in a trade guild; a group of person who obtain certain legal rights that enable them to act as a singe group
carn flesh
corp body
re again, over again
in in, into, within, toward
tion the thing that is
ian one belonging to
Created by: BAMS