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BAMS 2nd QTR Mater & Pater

alma mater the school one has attended
maternity being a mother; motherhood
matriculate to be admitted or enrolled into a college or university
matrimony the union of a man and a woman; marriage; being married
matron a married woman or a widow, especially a mother, of dignity, mature age, and established social position; a woman that supervises women or children
paternity being a father; fatherhood
patriarch a man who rules a family, clan, or tribe; the head man in a
patrician a person of refined upbringing, manners, and tastes; an aristocrat
patriot a person who loves, supports, and defends his/her country
patronize to be a frequent or regular customer of an establishment;; to treat in a condescending manner
patronym a name derived from the father
pattern a plan, diagram, or model to be followed.
matriarch a woman who rules a family, clan or tribe; the head woman in a family
matrix a situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained; the womb
matricide killing one’s mother
mater mother
pater father
arch ruler
Created by: BAMS