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1. Every _________ method must have at least one parameter instance
2. You want to avoid directly accessing an object's ________ outside of its class definition attributes
3. Only one class attribute is created for each object ________ from that class. instantiated
4. A ______ method can be invoked even if no objects of the class have been instantiated. static
5. By default, all of an object's attributes and methods are ________. public
6. It’s legal to access an object's _______ attribute inside the object's own class definition private
7. Access methods allow ________ access to attributes and often impose some sort of restriction on that access indirect
8. Instance attributes are usually created in the __________ constructor
9. __str__ is a special method returns a ______ representation of an object. string
10. Defining an attribute or method as private encourages ___________ encapsulation
11. _______ attributes can be used to limit the direct access of object attributes by client code. private
12. You would define an attribute as private by using __________ (__) two leading underscores
13. A ______ can access both its private and public methods from the class object. method
14. If it's critical that a method never be directly accessed by client code, what should you make the method _______. private
15. A get type of ______ method should always return a value. accessor
16. A set type of access method should always _____ a value. take
17. A property essentially wraps ______ methods access
18. A(n) ____________________ method is associated with a class itself. static
19. A(n) ____________________ is a special method that is automatically invoked right after a new object is created. constructor
20. A(n) ____________________ class is not based on the built-in object, directly or indirectly. old-style
21. A(n) ____________________ class is directly or indirectly based on the built-in object. new-style
22. A(n) ____________________ attribute is a single attribute for an entire class class
23. A class is simply a ______ design
24. Every instance method must have a special first parameter, called _____ by convention, in its parameter list. self
25. ___________ method is automatically invoked right after the object is created. constructor
26. The constructor method is typically used to set up the _______ attribute values of an object. initial
27. A class attribute is a _______ value that exists for an entire class single
28. To enforce ___________, client code should communicate with objects through method parameters and return values encapsulation
29. _______ code should avoid directly altering the value of an object's attribute. client
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