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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Pension A regular payment made by an employer or the government, typically to provide retirees with income.noun
Vesting the retention by an employee of all or part of pension rights regardless of change of employers, early retirement, etc. noun
Compound Interest interest computed on the sum of the principal and the accrued interest
Tax Bracket a range of incomes taxed at a given rate.
Affluent Someone who is wealthy with money, property or possessions.adjective
Naivete A lack of knowledge or sophistication.noun
Savvy Understanding or knowledge of how to do something.noun
Far-fetched Something that is unlikely to happen or unlikely to be true based on logical thinking.adjective
Radical Someone who goes against social norms and who often advocates social change.noun
Sophistication Defined as having character and tastes based on intelligence and worldly experience, or a quality of refinement.noun
Prosperity The state of being wealthy, or having a rich and full life.noun
Tenure The act or length of time that something is held or the achieved status of having one's employment position become permanent.noun
Entitlement Guarantee of access to something, such as to welfare benefits, based on established rights or by legislation. noun
Emphatic Something that is said or done with strong emotion or action.adjective
Competent A person or thing that is qualified to do something or adequate for a specific purpose.adjective
Adequate Good enough for a specific requirement or purpose.adjective
Vigor Defined as strength and health.noun
Defunct A person or thing that no longer lives or exists.adjective
Superette A small self-service grocery store. noun
Indignantly Defined as done in a way that shows anger or in a way that shows a feeling of unjust treatment.adverb
Indignity Treatment that is humiliating, insulting or hurtful to another.noun
Exploit A heroic act or an act worthy of praise.noun
Rickety Liable to fall or break down
Grievance A complaint, or an injustice.noun
Submission Something sent in or the act of surrendering.noun
Intently Something done with great focus.adverb
Pivotal Something which is central, vital or very important.adjective
Neurotic Someone who is excessively anxious.adjective
Derelict Something that has become deserted or neglected or a person who is grossly negligent in fulfilling his duties.adjective
Profusely Something done in an abundant way, or something done or provided in great quantities.adverb
Abundant Something that there is plenty of or that exists in great amounts.adjective
Turmoil A state of upset and confusion.noun
Amass To gather or collect a large amount of something.verb
Delay To postpone, make late or stop for awhile.verb
Enticing To attract by offering hope of reward or pleasure; tempt; allure. transitive verb
Intensify To make something much stronger or more intense.verb
Illumination The act or process of making something clearer or brighter or a device for doing so.noun
Thrive To grow strong and healthy.verb
Flourish To grow well, to succeed, to make big wave-like movements.verb
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