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JAS 5 Phase Tx

JAS Root Tx 08 5 Phase

LU Sho Pulse LU & SP Deficient
SP Sho Pulse SP & HT Deficient
LV Sho Pulse LV & KD Deficient
KD Sho Pulse KD & LU Deficient
LU Sho Pts LU9 & SP3
SP Sho Pts SP3 & PC7
LV Sho Pts LV8 & KD10
KD Sho Pts KD7 & LU8/5
LU Sho Secondary Pts LV3
SP Sho Secondary Pts LV3 or KD3
LV Sho Secondary Pts LU9 or SP3
KD Sho Secondary Pts SP3
How long do you retain needles total for Steps 1 & 2? 10 minutes
What order do you remove Step 1 & 2 needles? Opposite order of insertion
What side do you treat a male on w/o clear, 1-sided ssx? Left
What side do you needle a female w/o clear, 1-sided ssx? Right
What do you do if there is no secondary pattern? Tonify primary points on opposite side
What should you do to tonify? 1)Rub/insert w/ meridian flow 2)Insert on exhale 3)Insert very shallow w/ 3-4 taps 4)Use #1 needle (red) 5)manipulate clockwise 6)remove quickly closing hole 7)Remove on inhale 8)intention open, w/ body loose
What should you do to disperse? 1)Rub/insert against meridian flow 2)Insert on inhale 3)Insert deeper w/ 1-2 taps 4)Use #2 needle (yellow) 5)manipulate counterclockwise 6)remove slowly leaving hole open 7)Remove on exhale 8)intention closed, w/ body tight
What pt should you do if all Yang pulses are weak? TW4 or ST36 bilaterally
How long should you tonify a weak Yang pulse? 2 minutes
How long should you disperse an excess Yang pulse? 30 seconds
Which side should you needle for a Yang Pulse? Either ssx side or side of body the Yang pulse is on
TW Deficient pulse pt Right TW4
ST Deficient pulse pt Right ST36
LI Deficient pulse pt Right LI11
BL Deficient pulse pt Left BL58
GB Deficient pulse pt Left GB37
SI Deficient Pulse pt Left SI7
TW Excess Pulse pt Right TW5
ST Excess pulse pt Right ST40
LI Excess pulse pt Right LI6
BL Excess pulse pt Left BL58
GB Excess pulse pt Left GB37
SI Excess pulse pt Left SI7
Controlling cycle pts to be needled are which category of pt? Yuan Source
Are HT pts ever needled in 5 Phase tx? No, except for PC7 on SP Sho Step 1
How long are Back Shu pts needled? 2-10 minutes
LU Back Shu BL13 (1.5 cun lateral BSP T3)
PC Back Shu BL14 (1.5 cun lateral BSP T4)
HT Back Shu BL15 (1.5 cun lateral BSP T5)
LV Back Shu BL18 (1.5 cun lateral BSP T9)
SP Back Shu BL20 (1.5 cun lateral BSP T11)
KD Back Shu BL23 (1.5 cun lateral BSP L2)
What should you do if you have administered a poor treatment? Moxa cones (3-5) at GV14 or CV6 or until pulse improves
LU Mu Pt LU1-LU2 area
PC Mu Pt PC1
PC/HT Mu Pt CV17
HT Mu Pt1 KD23
HT Mu Pt2 Sides of CV14
LV Mu Pt LV14-GB26, right subcostal region
GB Mu Pt GB24-GB29 region, often one or both pts
ST Mu Pt both sides of CV12, including ST21
SP Mu Pt GB26-SP21, often one or both pts
KD Mu Pt KD16, occasionally GB25
TW Mu Pt ST25, slightly lateral
Upper Warmer Mu Pt CV17
Middle Warmer Mu Pt CV12
Lower Warmer Mu Pt CV5
SI Mu Pt ST26
LI Mu Pt ST27
BL Mu Pt KD11
LU 5 Phase Ssx Poor breathing, weak immune/Wei Qi, dry/rough skin, frequent urination, hemorrhoids, sobbing voice, white color, spoon shaped nails, fishy smell
KD 5 Phase Ssx Lower backache, impotence, tinnitus, osteoporosis, gray hair, timid voice, rotten smell, bluish/black color, longer/wide toenails & feet
SP 5 Phase Ssx Heart palps, GI disorders, fatigue, overworry, diabetes, singing voice, sweet smell, yellow color, thick/yellow toenails, flat feet, flaccid muscles, damp abdomen
LV 5 Phase Ssx Bleeding disorders, raised skin ulcers, brittle nails, irritable, vision problems, sciatica, shouting voice, green color, oily smell, dry/striated toenails, big toe pulled back, tight swollen muscles
LU touch palpation area Right subcostal (rough, soft, depressed)
LU pressure palpation area Right ST24-27
SP touch palpation area CV12-CV7, around navel
SP pressure palpation area CV12-CV7, around navel
KD touch palpation area CV7.5-CV5, below navel
KD pressure palpation area CV7.5-CV5, below navel
LV touch palpation area Right subcostal
LV pressure palpation area Left ST24-27
Created by: clehmann