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Chapter 4 A+

Visible Windows

Which of the following is an advantage of running Windows on NTFS as opposed to FAT? NTFS offers security. FAT provides no security.
Which version of Windows uses the Backup Status and Configuration Tool? The Backup Status and Configuration Tool did not exist before Vista.
What is the proper way to refer to the system root folder? The system root folder is referred to as %SystemRoot%.
What folder is a central storage location for user files in XP? Most XP users put their personal files in My Documents
Which utility is helpful in troubleshooting hardware? For hardware in general, turn to Device Manager.
Which Windows utility backs up critical files and settings and enables you to roll back to a previous state? System Restore does the trick here, enabling you to back up and restore your system.
Many tech tools are grouped together in which location? You'll find many useful tools in Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools.
Which utility is missing from the default Windows XP Home installation? Backup is not installed by default in Windows XP Home.
What is displayed in the Computer window? Computer shows your drives.
Which feature of Windows 7 enables you to link folders and view their contents together? Using libraries, you can link folders and view their contents together as if they were one folder.
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