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Pathology 08 - Hypertension notes

Differences btwn Qi & Blood Qi: can move & change, easier to treat Blood: deeper, harder to treat
HPT Aetiology 1) Emo stress & LV Yang rising 2) Overwork affects KD & LV Yin 3) Old age depletes KD energy leads to LV Wind 4) irregular diet affects ST/SP, results in dampness
Possible HA in temporal or behind eyes, dizziness, tinnitus, dry mouth, lips & nose, anger, frustration, tight neck & shoulders T: red on sides, pale from blood deficiency, yellow & thin coat P: wiry LV Yang Rising (Qi rebelling upwards)
LV Yang rising signs w/ spasms of limbs, twitching, numbness, more common in older T: varies, maybe quivering P: wiry LV Wind
HA, dizziness, epistaxis, hypochondrial distension, depression, moodiness, no appetite T: sl red on sides P: wiry LV Qi Stagnation w/ Blood rebelling upwards
dizziness, blurred vision, tinnitus, dry throat & eyes, low backache, night sweats, poor memory, malar flush, peri-menopausal or menopausal women T: w/o coat, maybe red P: fine or floating-empty KD & LV Yin Deficiency
chronic HPT, palps, SOB, dizziness, blurred vision, HA, tinnitus, loose stools, tiredness T: pale or normal w/o coat P: floating-empty or weak Qi & Yin Deficiency
chronic HPT, low backache, cold &weak knees, decreased libido, abundant clear urination, leg edema, loose stool, early am diarrhea T: Pale, wet and swollen P: deep-weak SP & KD Yang Deficiency
HPT in women starting at or aggravated by menopause, HA, irritable, low backache, night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia T: Depends on KD Yang or Yin Def P: floating-empty for KD Yin Def or weak-deep for KD Yang Def Disharmony of Ren Mai & Chong Mai
Created by: clehmann