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Pathology 08 - Depression Notes

Moodiness, feeling uptight & tense, hypochondrial pain & distension, tension &ache of neck and shoulder muscles, ab distension, irregular bowel movements, irregular period T: normal or sl. red on sides P: Wiry LV Qi Stagnation
Sadness, sl. anxiety, palpitations, slight feeling of lump in throat, sl SOB, sighing, poor appetite, chest & upper epigastric distension, pale complexion T: sl red on sides in chest area P: empty but sl overflow on front left, sl tight on front right HT & LU Qi Stagnation
anxiety, agitation, restless sleep, excessive dreams, insomnia, palpitations, heaviness in head, dizziness, chest oppression, expectoration of phlegm, nausea, bitter or sticky taste T: red, swollen, sticky with possible HT crack P: slippery-rapid Phlegm Heat harassing the Mind
moodiness, feeling uptight &tense, short temper, dry mouth, bitter taste, constipation, HA, red face &eyes, hypocondrial pain & distension, ab distension, irregular bowel & periods, PMS tension T: red or normal w/ red sides P: wiry-rapid Stagnant LV Qi turning into Heat
mental restlessness, night agitation, short temper, restless sleep, dreaming a lot, chest pain T: purple P: wiry Blood Stasis obstructing the Mind
Uncomfortable throat feeling w/ foreign body unable to be coughed up, difficulty swallowing, sighing, chest oppression, hypochondrial pain, PMS T: swollen body, possible red sides, sticky P: wiry or slippery Qi Stagnation w/ Phlegm
mental confusion, feeling absent, anxiety, no desire, insomnia, sadness, worry, crying, stretching, yawning T: pale, sticky-white coat P: fine-sl wiry Worry injuring the Mind
Always thinking, palps, timidity, difficulty falling asleep, pale face, dizziness, poor appetite, more common in young women T: pale P: weak or choppy HT & SP Deficiency
feeling cold w/ desire to curl up, no motivation, palps, fatigue, easily startled, more common in middle age or eldery T: pale P: weak or knotted HT Yang Deficiency
Evening anxiety, feeling hot, malar flush, dizziness, palps, waking at night, 5 palm heat sore back, nocturnal emissions w/ dream T: red w/o coat P: floating-empty or fine & sl wiry KD & HT Yin Deficiency, Empty Heat Blazing
exhaustion, no motivation, weariness, chilliness w/ desire to curl up, sore back, pale & frequent urination, no will power, more common in middle age T: very pale, wet, swollen P: weak-deep-slow KD Yang Deficiency
T/F Always supplement KD during Depression Tx True
3 important Depression Points HT 7, KD 3, LU 9
Depression w/ Heat Pts HT 5, LU 7, KD 4, SP 6
Depression w/ Fire Pts HT 9, PC 9, KD 7
Tonify HT, KD, LU pts BL 15, BL 23, BL 13
Created by: clehmann