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Vocab Words

Gusto Zest
Sustenance Nourishment
Epicure Person who likes fine food and drink
Gastronomy Study of food and culture
Intricate Very complicated
Phenomenon One whos cause is in question
Resplendent Attractive and impressive through being rich
Iridescent Producing a display of lustrous colors
Imminent About to happen
Trasmute Change in form
Pastoral Grazing of sheep
Landmark An object that is easily reconized
Enfeeble To make weak
Intimidate Frighten or overawe
Predicament A situation especially unplesant
Permeate Spread throughout
Solicitude Being Concered
Annihilate To destroy
Malevolent Wishing harm on someone
Vigilant Watchful
Bemoan To express distress
Preternatural Outside of nautre
Bravado Swaggering display of courage
Resilience Ability to recover
Credible Convincing
Originate have a specified beginning
Admonish Warn
Confidant Trusting them not to repeat
Created by: McSteffens