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Bio Dental midterm 3

Bio Dental midterm 3/4

Which is true? The convex bulge, called the crest of curvature on teeth determines the direction of the food as it is pushed toward the CEJ. The area between each tooth normally filled with interdental papilla is the contact area. The first statement is true the second is false
A small spot on the mesial & distal surfaces of each tooth that touches or contacts the adjacent tooth is called the? Contact area
The inner surfaces of the cheeks are referred to as the ______ mucosa? lining
The oral cavity is divided into 2 sections. The ___________extends from the lingual (inner) surfaces of the teeth to the oro-pharynx (opening of the throat). oral cavity proper
true or false? The maxillary tuberosity is located distal to the mandibular most posterior molar False it is located in the Maxillary arch ONLY!
which is true? The labial mental groove extends from the corner of the nose to the corner of the lips. The naso-labial groove is a shallow depression between the center of the chin and lower lip? both statements are false
Please name and give a brief description of the 4 papillae located on the tongue? Circumvallate: the largest, is mushroom shaped,in a row of 8 to 10 Filiform: hair like, caught food would be white Fungiform: makes the tounge resemble a strawberry Foliate: very large, located 3rd portion of the tongue.
The parotid salivary gland empties into the mouth via the________________duct? Parotid/ Stetsons
The submandibular salivary gland empties into the mouth via the________________duct? Whartons
The sublingual salivary gland empties into the mouth via the________________? Rivinus
What teeth are missing in the deciduous dentition? Pre molars!
what does FDI stand for? Federation Dentaire International
how does #ing for FDI work? how are the quadrants represented in PERMANENT DENTITION double digits used to #, we start at the midlines in each quadrant Max right - "1_" / Max left - "2_" Man left - "3_" Man right - "4_" "0" no teeth!
FDI, what does "00" mean? entire dentition
FDI what does "01" mean? Maxillary arch
FDI what does :02: mean? Mandibular arch
FDI #ing for PRIMARY DENTITION represented Max right "5_" / Max left "6_" Man left "7_" / Man right "7_"
Palmers, how does it work? # 1_8, starting at the midline in each quadrant use a bracket (think corners) to indicate what quadrant Letters for primary
Proximal Contacts spots on the mesial and distal surfaces of the teeth that touch to prevent impacted food, keeps gums from irritation, and stabilizes teeth.
Inter proximal spaces area between each tooth normally filled with gum tissue (inter dental papilla)
Embrasures any curvature toward or away from the contact area, (spillways) helps food deflection
Crest of curvature determines the direction the food is being pushed toward the CEJ when chewing
what bad about malpositioned teeth? effects how plaque builds up, food gets caught, and allows plaque into hard to reach places.
Created by: ashblake4