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MOAC lesson 5


Columns The blank borders that occupy the top, bottom, and sides of a document.
Hyphenation Used to join words and seperate syllables of a single word.
Landscape Orientation used for brochures, graphics, tables, and so on, orients text across the longer dimension of the page.
Margins Blank borders that occupy the top,bottom, and sides of a document.
Nonbreaking Spaces keeps selected text on a single line.
Page Break the location in a document where one page ends and a new page begins.
Portrait Orientation a format commonly used for business documents, text extends across the shorter length of the document.
Orphan The first line of a paragraph that apears alone at the bottom of the page.
Section Break used to create a layout or formatting changes in a portion of a document.
Widow The last line of a paragraph that appears at the top of a page.
A page height that is larger than the page width is characteristic of portrait orenitation. True
in word, the deafult margun size is 1.5 inches for the top, bottom, left, and right margins. F; One inch
Columns are blank spaces on the sides, top, and bottom of a document. F; Margin
Paper size refers to landscape orientation. F; Paper size
Window/orphan Control is on by default. True
A column break moves text from one column to the next. True
Use window/orphan control to keep all lines of a paragraph together on the same page. True
Word considers a heading a paragraph. F; Does not
A continuous section break starts the new section on the next page. F; same page
A page break is the location in a docoument where one page ends and a new page begins. True
Created by: TPorche