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CT prologue quotes

1. "...hunting was his sport..." Monk
2. "She'd had five husbands, all at the church door,/ Apart from other company in youth..." Wife of Bath
3. "...and straining to counterfeit a courtly kind of grace,/ Stately bearing fitting to her place..." Prioress
4. "No where was there so busy a man as he,/ But less busy than he seemed to be..." Sergeant at Law
5. "In fifteen mortal battles he had been..." Knight
6. "In company she liked to laugh and chat/ And knew the remedies for love's mischances..." Wife of Bath
7. "Christ and the twelve apostles and their lore/ He taught, but followed it himself before.” Parson
8. "He lived for pleasure and had always done,/ For he was Epicurus' very son...." Franklin
9. "... For he was qualified to hear confessions.... He had a special license from the Pope..." Friar
10. "His head was like a nut , his face was brown;/ He knew the whole of woodcraft up and down..." Yeoman
11. "The thought of moral virtue filled his speech,/ And he would gladly learn and gladly teach..." Oxford Cleric
12. "He loved so hotly till the dawn grew pale./ He slept as little as a nightingale." Squire
13. "A thumb of gold by God to gauge an oat..." Miller
14. "What a pity or so it seemed to me,/ That he should have an ulcer on his knee. Cook
15. "Garlic he loved, and onions too, and leeks..." Summoner
16. "Just home from service, he had joined our ranks/ To do his pilgrimage and render thanks." Knight
17. "Whatever money from his friends he took/ He spent on learning or another book." Oxford Cleric
18. "He sent his prisoners home they walked the plank... Skipper
19. "...he paid his tithes in full when they were due..." Plowman
20. "When young he'd learned a useful trade and still/ He was a carpenter of first rate skill." Reeve
21. "At meat her manners were well taught withal;/ No morsel from her lips did she let fall, Nor dipped her fingers in the sauce too deep." Prioress
22. Now isn't it a marvel of God's grace/ That an illiterate fellow can outpace/ The wisdom of a heap of learned men..." Manciple
23. "Their wisdom would have justified a plan/ To make each one an alderman..." Guildsmen
24. "He served the finest victuals you could think..." Harry Bailey
25. "Amor vincit omnia" Prioress
26. "Gold stimulated the heart, or so we're told,/ He therefore had a special love of gold." Doctor
27. "This little proverb he would add there to,/ That if gold rust, what then would iron do?" Parson
28. "For though a widow mightn't have a shoe,/ So pleasant was his holy how-d'ye-do/ He got a farthing from her just the same... friar
29. "His face on fire, like a cherubim,/ For he had carbuncles..." Summoner
30. "Then Questio quid juris was his tag..." Summoner
31. "He was an expert at currency exchange." The Merchant
32. "And, as the gospel bade him, so did he,/ Loving God best with all his heart and mind./ And then his neighbor as himself." Plowman
33. "I'll go along with you myself and rise/ All at my own expense and serve as guide." Harry Bailly
34. "The Rule of good St. Benet and St. Maur/ As old and strict he tended to ignore." Monk
35. "… his nose displayed/ A wart on which there stood a tuft of hair/ Red as the bristles in an old sows ear.." Miller :)
36. "Yet he was rather close as to expenses/ And kept the gold he won in pestilences..." Doctor
37. "No bailiff, serf or herdsman dared to kick,/ He knew their dodges, knew their every trick;…." The Reeve
38. "He’d sewed a holy relic on his cap;/ His wallet lay before him on his lap,/ Brimful of..... come from Rome, all hot... Pardoner
39. "...had gap teeth, set widely truth to say...." Wife of Bath
40. "Hardy he was, prudent in undertaking;/ His beard in many a tempest had its shaking,/ And he knew all the havens as they were…" Skipper
41. "He was an honest worker, good and true,/ Living in peace and perfect charity..." The Plowman
42. "His was a master hand at stealing grain./ He felt it with his thumb and thus he knew/ Its quality and took three times his due Miller
43. "This estimable so had set/ His wits to work, none knew he was in debt,/ He was so stately in administration,/ In loans and bargains, and negotiations. Merchant
44. "He knew of every judgment, case and crime/ Ever recorded since King William's time." Sgt. at Law
45. "A medal of St. Christopher he wore/ Of shining silver on his breast, and bore/ A hunting horn, well slung and burnished clean,/ That dangled from a baldric of bright green ,/ He was a proper forester I guess." Yeoman
46. “As noted as Julian was for bounty,/He made his household free to all the county.” Franklin
47. “A lover and cadet, a lad of fire,/ With locks as curly as if they had been pressed.” Squire
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