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English 1 Final

English 1 Term 2 Final

loqui / loqu / locu to speak
luc / lum light
nasc / nat born, reborn, birth, rebirth
plac please
phil love
pend hang or weigh
dict speak
voc call or voice
retro- backward
se- apart
sub- under, below
sur- over, above
baro- weight
com- with, together with
chiro- hard
let- small
blank verse spoken by nobles in Shakespeare's plays; 10 syllables divided into 5 feet of 2 syllables each
couplet 2 lines that usually rhyme
iambic pentameter line w/ 5 meteric feet (unaccented/accented)
quatrains stanza with 4 lines (often in 'abab' or 'abba' format)
Shakespearean Sonnet 14 lines with 3 sections / ab, ab, cd, cd, ef, ef, g, g
Arachne & Athena weaver disrespected the gods & a god made her into spiders
Perseus & Medusa man cut off the head of gorgon
Castor & Pollux twins who rescued their sister, Helen, during Trojan War
Midas was granted a wish to have everything he touched turn to gold
Pandora's Box curious girl opened box, releasing everything bad in the world (anger, hate, etc.)
Adonis & Aphrodite god loved mortal & fought over custody of him along with Persephone
Hero & Leander lovers on either side of a strait & a god blew out the lighthouse that guided the lover across the waters & took the lover for himself
Apollo & Cassandra mortal refused love of a god & god cursed her with ability to see the future, yet nobody beleives her
Echo & Narcissus woman loved by all was refused by a beautiful youth & afterwards the girl hid in a cave
The Amazons women warriors
Daedulus & Icarus imprisoned in Labyrinth until escape by wings made by wax & feathers, son dies with ignoring instructions to avoid the sun, which melts the wax & kills him
Pymalion & Galatea sculptor makes beautiful woman who he wants to marry, Aphrodite grants prayer & gives the sculture life & the two marry
Niobe & Leto jealous parent of two sends Artemis & Apollo to kill boastful parent of 14
plundered took goods by force; looted
squall breif, violent storm
dispatched finished quickly
assuage calm; pacigy
bereft deprived
ardor passion; enthusiasm
insidious characterized by craftiness & betrayal
lithe supple; limber
glowering staring with sullen anger; scowling
equity fairness; impariality
contempt disdain or scorn; scornful feelings or actions
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