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key words

Consumer someone who buys gods for their own use and not for resale.
Customer who buys something but not nesserily for their own use.
Goods something tangble that you buy in a shop or it can be delivered to you. something you use.
Service something that is provided for you by aperson or retailer.
Merchanatable Quaility resonable quaility considering the price paid.
As Described weather by the sales person or on the package/brochure.
Fit For Purpose the normal purpose the good is supposed to be fit for.
Nigociation this is a non-legislative method of resolving conflict between stakeholders. It is a process where both sides enter a series of dicussions with offers and counter offer until they reach an agreement acceptable to both.
Conciliation this is a non-legislative method of resolving conflict between stakeholders. a third party is invited to investigate the dispute and hear both sides of the disagreement. the concilator does not decide on a solution but helps thed come to a resolution.
Arbitration this takes place when two disputing parties agree to call a third party whom they both trust. before the arbitration both partie sdhave to accepct it. this can be legislative if the third party is a judge.
Contract llegally binding agreement between two or more parties. it can be oral written or by conduct. it has to have seven elementts to be a valid contract . some contracts must be written eg: insurance policy, contract of employment
Invatition To Treat is a n invatation by the shop for the consumer to make an offer. it is not an offer. eg:dress in macehennys window is considered to be an invatition to treat not an offer.
Offer this means that one party makes an offer to another party. it may be oral written or by conduct. the offer is legally binding if excepted by the offeree.
Consideration Each party to the contract must give something of value: eg: customer gives shopkeeper money for jeans.
Concent To Contract each party must give real agree4ment to the contract. pressure caannot be put on a person entering a contract.
Capacity To Contract persond under the age of 18 persons insane or drunk cannot enter into a contract either if it has in its memorandum of association they manufacture shoes and then decide to start manufacturing furniture. this is called ultra vines.
Performance When the parties to the contract have carried out their side of the contract as agreed- very common way to end a contract eg: building contaractor builds house as agreed and consumer pays the money.
Industrial relations This is the term to describe the relations between the managment of a firm and its employers.
Trade Unions This is a body representing employees views with their employers? Union members elect a shop steward with the employers. eg (ICTU)
Shop Steward A shop steward is an elected representitive of union members in the workplace. he/she acts as a communication link between members and unions.
Work to Rule workers only carry out the work specifed in their contract.they follow their contract excatly dont do any extra work.
Offical Strike complete withdrawl of labour. workers are entitled to strike pay. u7nion has to carry out a secret ballot to get worken approval to go on strike. strike has to be confirmed by th (ICTU) 7 DAYS NOTICE MUST BE GIVEN TO THE EMPLOYER.
Go Slow workers stay in their jobs but slow down all operations, sometimes making it impossible for the business to carry on. As the workers are still at work they are entitled to theri own pay
Un Offical Strike no notice given to the employer. no notice or approval is given by (ICTU)no secret ballot held by workers. Organisers of unoffical strikers do not have legal protection against being sued by the employer.
Redress means what people are entitled to if denied their rights.
Guarantee may offer additional rights to a consumer but cannot reduce the consumers statory rights in any way.
Unsolicted Goods where goods are sent to people who have not ordered them and a bill is sent requesting payment for the goods.
Credit Note is a restricted note that a shop gives to the consumer if they are not intitled to a refund the credit note lets them spend the value of the item they cannot get a refund on in that shop.
Small Claims Court This provides an easy and inexpensive way for consumers to resolve disputes without the need for a solicitor.
Lobbing applying pressure to the goverment to make a certain decission
Trade Association a trade association represents business which are in the same trade or line of business eg: irish travel agents association represents travel agents(ITAA)
Pressure group this is an intrest group who put pressure on the govermewnt to accept their decission on the issue.
Unfair grounds for dismissal pregnancy race membership of the travelling community age sexual orientation religious beliefs.
Fair grounds for dismissal worker misconduct worker incapable of doing the job or not suitably qualified. Necessary redundancy.
Remedies for unfair dismissal Re instatement in job without financial loss and/ financial compensation
Constructive dismissal Refers to a situation where an employer makes it so difficult for an employee in the workplace that they are forced to stay out or work or leave
Functions of the equality authority Eliminate discrimination in employment promote equailty of opportuinty for all and assist people in bringing complaints under the act.
Discrimination is defined as treaqting one person less favourably than another
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