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NOS3 - 1

CST8242 Midterm

Are databases associated to storage groups in Exchange Server 2010? No, in Exchange Server 2010 databases are no longer associated with storage groups.
How do you produce high availability in Exchange 2010? Install multiple servers running Exchange, with same roles, high availability enabled automatically. No longer requires cluster hardware.
When is failover automatic for mailbox databases? When the mailbox databases are part of the same Database Availability Group.
What are the rules for database availability groups? Server has up to 50 databases. Database up to 16 copies. DAG up to 16 mailbox servers. Any server in DAG can host copy of database from any other server in DAG.
Are transaction logs replicated to members of a Database Availability Group? Yes, replicated and replayed into copy of mail database stored on a particular server.
What is Exchange 2010 a comprehensive solution for? Provides routing, delivering, e-mail access, voice mail, fax, contacts, calender.
How many databases can be setup in the standard addition of Exchange Server 2010? 5 Databases, Enterprise = 100
How do you upgrade from standard edition to enterprise edition? Using a valid product key you can upgrade without having to reinstall. Both use the same binary files.
What are CAL’s? Client Access License. Standard CAL has more basic features than Enterprise CAL. Must have both to access all services.
What is the difference between a standard CAL and an enterprise CAL? Standard = e-mail, shared calender, contacts, task management, Outlook Web Access, Active Sync. Enterprise = unified messagin, advanced compliance, antivirus/antispam.
What is an online implementation of Exchange 2010? It is delivered as a subscription service from Microsoft.
What is connection filtering? Allows admin to config IP block and allow lists, as well as providers who can supply these lists.
What is content filtering? Intelligent filtering to scan messages for spam. Can be auto deleted, quarantined, or filed as junk.
What is Sender ID verification? Verifies that e-mail are from the domain which they claim to come. Examines sender IP compared to security record on sender's public DNS server.
What is Forefront? Protects from virus, worms, other malware using multiple antivirus scan engines and file filtering.
Is the schema modified when exchange is first installed? Yes, active directory prep process adds many Exchange specific object classes and attributes to the schema.
What for types of data are stored in Active directory? Schema, config, domain, application.
What does the Domain partition in Active Directory store? Domain-specific objects. Users, groups, values of attributes associated with those objects.
What two type of connectors did we talk about in class? Send / Receive connectors.
What connectors are created by default in Exchange? Client + Default Receive connectors
Why would you use Edge Transport servers? Added security for use in organizations perimeter network.
What is the Best Practices Analyzer tool? Checks config and health of Exchange organization to ensure compliance with Microsoft recommended best practices which change over time.
What is the Database Recovery Management tool? Assists in restoring server availability, also step-by-step recovery procedures.
What is the Database Troubleshooter tool? Mounting data stores + Exchange database and transaction logs that prevent recovery
What is the Details Templates Editor tool? Customize client-side GUI presentation of object properties accessed through address lists (contacts, users, groups, public folders, etc)
What is the Mail Flow Troubleshooter tool? Troubleshoot mail flow and transport config by providing suggested resolutions.
What is the Message Tracking tool? Tracks messages as they are routed through Exchange organization.
What is the Public Folder Management Console? Manage public folders using a GUI
What is the Queue Viewer tool? Track message queues and mail flow. Manage message queuing and remove messages.
What is the Performance Monitor tool? Graph system performance, performance logs and alerts. Wide arrays of Exchange performance objects available for tracking performance.
What is the Performance Troubleshooter tool? Troubleshoot problems related to performance, identifies potential bottlenecks, suggests solutions.
What is the Routing Log Viewer tool? Troubleshoot routing problems on transport servers by providing info about routing topology.
What Windows tool on the task bar was used to install IIS? Server Manager.
What special purpose mailboxes are available in Exchange 2010? Room, Equipment, Linked, Forwarding, Archive.
What is a Linked Mailbox? Mailbox for a user from a separate trusted forest.
What is an Archive Mailbox? Stores a user's old messages such as may be required for executives and needed by some managers.
What is a Forwarding Mailbox? Can receive mail and forward it off-site.
What does Listen on All IP address’s do in server properties? The DNS server is taking queries from all interfaces.
What forwarders did we setup? (Algonquin DNS), (google public DNS)
How do you disable IPV6 in the registry? Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\TCPIP6\Parameters: Create a DWORD named "DisabledComponents", and set it to "ffffffff" (fx8)
What is loop-back address
What was your domain in the lab? dm###.cst8242.com
What did we set your DNS suffix to? dm###.cst8242.com
What was the Exchange Organization name set to in the lab? DM### ABCD#### Organization
What did we enter for the “Client Access server role will be internet‐facing”? mail.dm###.cst8242.com
What warning did we not fix? Setup / PrepareAD warning
What does “Import‐Module ServerManager” do? Allows powershell to use the Server Manager cmdlets
What does “Add‐WindowsFeature” do? It is used to add the roles our servers required for Exchange
What does “Set‐Service” do? Changes settings for a windows service
Created by: Datheral