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Intro to Design

Chapter 5 Terms

Line A mark drawn with a pointed, moving tool.
Dimension The amount of space an object takes up in one direction.
Outline A line that shows or creates the outer edges of a shape.
Implied Lines A series of points that the viewer's eyes automatically connect.
Vertical Lines Lines that move up and down, they do not lean at all. Perpendicular to the bottom of the paper.
Horizontal Lines Lines that are parallel to the horizon. They do not slant.
Diagonal Lines Lines that slant, somewhere between vertical and horizontal.
Curved Lines Lines that change direction gradually. Wiggly, spirals and circles describe these.
Zigzag Lines Lines made up of combinations of diagonal lines. They change direction suddenly.
Static Lines Often called inactive lines, these are vertical and horizontal lines in an image.
Active Lines Diagonal and zigzag lines suggesting movement or tension, excitement or instability.
Contour Lines Defines the edges and surface ridges.
Gesture It is an expressive movement, captures the feeling and motion of a subject, usually quickly drawn.
Calligraphy Means beautiful handwriting. Often thought of in connection with Oriental writing and art.
Calligraphic Lines Lines that are usually made with brushstrokes that change from thick to thin in one stroke.
Value The element of art that describes the darkness or lightness of an object.
Crosshatch The technique of using crossed lines for shading and creating values.
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