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Study stack for Quiz4

What format was developed to allow users to record, rewrite and playback high def video? blu-ray optical
What term describes a way to increase computer capability by adding hardware? expansion
True or false? The system unit is the main part of a computer system. true
True or false? A megabyte is equivalent to approximately 1 billion bytes. false
True or false? A computer case houses the main parts of a computer. true
True or false? a UPS is a battery-operated device providing electricity to a computer in the event of a power failure. true
A byte represents how many characters, digits or values? one
True or false? The cache is the part of the CPU that performs mathematical operations. false
True or false? A bus is the part of the CPU that deciphers instructions. false
A binary system has how many digits? two
What type of device converts AC to DC to run a computer? power supply
A microprocessor’s speed is expressed in what measurement? gigabytes
What is the name of the technology that is used to transfer data between the computer and the disk? read/write
What term describes a plastic card the size of a credit card, with an integrated circuit? smart card
One trillion bytes is equivalent to a... terabyte
What does the term “bit” represent? binary digit
The MS Excel file that stores data is a... workbook
In a MS Excel worksheet, you can change the margin, header or footer from which dialog box? page setup
What was the first major microcomputer operating system? DOS
What is the term that also describes the "brain" of a computer? CPU
What is the term used to describe a port used to transfer large amounts of data? FireWire
What processor is used to manipulate 3-D objects? GPU
What type of video stores large amounts of data and high definition video? blu-ray
True or false? Intel-type chips were originally made for microcomputers. true
A microcomputer's process speed is measured by this term. megahertz
What material is most commonly used in modern integrated circuits? silicon
The acronym for random access memory is... RAM
A memory chip that cannot be written on or erased without special equipment is called... ROM
What term is used to describe a floating-point of operation, which is a special kind of mathematical calculation? flop
What part of the CPU deciphers and carries out instructions? control unit
A “drop box” is also known as what type of storage? online
What term is used to describe a connecting socket or jack on the external part of a system unit, into which different kinds of cables are plugged? port
Created by: nicole.minor