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JFH Scholar Bowl-8


god of love Eros/Cupid
god of underworld Hades/Pluto
ruler of the gods Zeus/Jupiter
god of light, medicine, poetry Apollo
god of wine, fertility, wild behavior Dionysus/Bacchus
goddess of hunting and birth Artemis/Diana
protector of marriage, women; sister/wife of the ruler of the gods Hera/Juno
goddess of crafts, war, wisdom Athena/Minerva
goddess of lobe Aphrodite/Venus
god of war Ares/Mars
god of fire and metalworking, blacksmith for gods Haphaestus/Vulcan
Ruler of Titans, father of Zeus Cronus/Saturn
wife of Hades Persephone/Proserpina
greatest Greek hero in Trojan War, vulnerable heel Achilles
greatest Trojan hero in Trojan War Hector
patriarch of Troy Priam
leader/king of Greeks Agamemnon
chief muse, muse of epic heroic poetry Calliope
3 snake-haired female torturers of the doomed Furies
human body, bull head, found in labirynth on Crete Minotaur
3-headed dog, guards entrance to Underworld Cerberus
Medusa was one of 3 of these Gorgons
Greek hero, took 10 years to reach home after Trojan War, subject of the Odyssey Odysseus/Ulysses
son of Odysseus Telemachus
wife of Odysseus Penelope
god Odysseus made angry, god of horses and the sea Poseidon
came up with Trojan Horse idea Odysseus
name of kingdom of Odysseus Ithaca
sea nymph that held Odysseus captive for 7 years Calypso
sea nymphs whose songs lured sailors to their deaths sirens
archeologist said to have found Troy Heinrich Schleimann
trickster punished by having to roll a stone up a hill only to have it roll down again Sisyphus
slew the Minotaur Perceus
stole fire from gods for man Prometheus
woman who opened forbidden namesake box bringing evils to man Pandora
only thing left in Pandora's box hope
killed Medusa Perseus
man top, goat legs/lower body satyr/faun
led the Argonauts Jason
Argonauts were looking for this Golden Fleece
son of Daedalus, flew to close to son, wings of wax melted Icarus
wife of Agamemnon, killed him because he sacrificed their daughter to ensure safe passage to Troy Clytemnestra
youth who loved his own relflecttion, turned into a flower Narcissus
2 fabled founders of Rome Romulus and Remus
king of Sparta, husband of Helen Menelaus
king of Troy Priam
wife of king of Troy Hecuba
2 sons of Priam Hector, Paris
brooded when Achilles' armor was given to Odysseus Ajax
son of Zeus who performed the 12 labors Heracles(Greek)/ Hercules (Roman)
ruler of Norse gods Odin
son of Odin, god of thunder Thor
Trickster god of ecil Loki
god of sunlight, personified goodness, killed by Loki using mistletoe Balder
where Norse gods went after death Valhalla
what earth is called in Norse mythology Midgard
maiden/warrior attendants of Odin Valkyries
Odin's wife Frigga
Norse god who threw the mistletoe that killed Balder Hoder (Balder's brother)
2 ravens who brought news of Balder's death to Odin Hugin, Munin
name of the rainbow bridge that led to the home of the Norse gods Bifrost
guardian of the rainbow bridge to the home of the Norse gods Heimdall
Egyptian god of the Nile, vegetation, and the dead Osiris
wife of Osiris, goddess of maternity Isis
son of Isis and Osiris; falcon-headed Horus
evil brother of Osiris that suffocated Osiris Set
Wife of Hector; mother of Asyanax Andromache
Greek goddess who wore a magic girdle Aphrodite
wife of Jason; killed their children because of his infidelity Medea
3 female gods associated with Judgment of Paris Hera, Athena, Aphrodite
Fruit that started the Trojan War and the inscription on it a golden apple/ "To the fairest"
Roman god with 2 faces- one looking in past, on looking towards the future- with first month of the year named after him Janus
Odysseus lived with this nymph for 7 years on Ogygia Calypso
released Prometheus Hercules/ Heracles
despite being loved by all, fell in love with own reflection Narcissus
Thor's hammer Mjolnir
Hindu god of creation and destruction; 4 arms, 3 eyes Shiva
educated Sir Lancelot Lady of the Lake
Heracles' 12th labor bring back Cerberus
Penelope had to work on making this each night tapestry
Norse apocalypse that killed all gods but one Ragnorak
7 sisters of Greek mythology; also a constellation Pleiades
Prometheus' gift to man fire
sorceress who changed Odysseus' men into swine Circe
Gemini twins; brother of Helen of Troy Argos
tyrannical king of city of Uruk; 2/3 god- 1/3 mortal Gilgamesh
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