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chapter 5

Images in Dreamweaver and Fireworks vocab

Alternative text Text added to an image that a voice synthesizer "reads" in place of the image.
Behavior How a symbol interacts with the user
Bitmap graphic A graphic based on rows and columns of tiny squares
Button An element that indicates to the user that it is a graphic hyperlink by its appearance
Canvas In Fireworks, the rectangular area in which an image is created and edited
Compression A file format feature that reduces file size
Crop To trim away areas of an image that are no longer needed
Dots per inch(dpi) The number of pixels in an inch
Down state The button state when a button is clicked
GIF A file format best used with graphics that do not contain many colors, such as clip art or logos
Hotspot An invisible, defined area on a graphic that is a hyperlink
Image map A graphic that contains one or more hotspots
Instance A copy of a symbol
Interlaced A GIF file format feature in which a low-quality version of the graphic appears first and becomes clearer in four horizontal passes as the web page fully loads
JPG A file format that supports millions of colors and is best used for photographs
Lossless compression Type of compression in which all of the original file information is retained
Lossy compression Type of compression in which some data in the file is removed in order to reduce the file size
Optimized image The best quality images with the smallest possible file size
Over state The button state when a pointer is moved over a button
Over While Down state The button state when a pointer is moved over a button in the Down state
Pixel A square in a bitmap graphic
PNG A file format created in the mid-1990s during a controversy over copyright of the GIF format.
Progressive A JPG file format feature in which a low-quality version of the JPG graphic appears when a web page is first loaded and then becomes clearer as the page fully loads
Proportionately resize Change the size of an image so that the width and height are in the same ratio as the original to prevent distortion
Resampling Correctly adjusting the pixels in an image
Resolution The number of dots per inch(dpi) in a graphic
Rollover The default behavior for a button symbol, which allows each state of a button symbol to display a different image
Slice The way Fireworks divides an image so that interactivity can be assigned
Source file The PNG file created in Fireworks that is used to export images to Dreamweaver
Stretch To distort an image by dragging a handle without holding the Shift key
Symbol A single object that is similar to a library item in Dreamweaver, except a symbol placed on a canvas does not have to have its link broken to be edited
Transparency A color that allows the background color to show through
Up state The button state when a pointer is not over it or it is not clicked
Vector graphic A graphic composed of lines connected by points, which allows for smooth resizing and a smaller file size than bitmap graphics
Created by: gab1