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Monsters Quiz Review

"Monsters are Due on Maple Street" quiz review

What is Maple Street like at the very beginning of the play? Calm and friendly
Why do the residents of Maple Street start to turn on each other? Their fear overtakes their sense and sanity.
Les Goodman is different from the others because... He goes out at night and looks up at the sky; also his car starts working by itself.
Steve suggests that they all find anyone who's considered weird, line them up, and shoot them. The tone of this suggestion is... Sarcastic; he doesn't actually want to kill anyone!
These events occurred on a street called Maple Street because... Maple Street is a generic American street name that could represent any street in America (In other words, this could happen anywhere).
A theme of this story is... Don't let fear and prejudice overcome your good sense and ability to reason.
Who is Charlie? A bully who jumps to conclusions and loves to blame others.
The main external conflict in the play is... Aliens are attacking Maple Street!
Conflict in a story means A problem.
Chronological order is... Putting events in time order (For example, she ran at 1:00, then ate at 2:00, etc).
What mysterious thing happens at the beginning of the story? A loud roar and a flash of light; soon after, all the power goes out.
What does Tommy say that scares everyone? Aliens sometimes disguise themselves as human beings to prepare for an attack.
What terrible thing does Charlie do? He shoots Pete Van Horn to death as Pete comes walking down the street.
How is Steve different from his neighbors when everyone is scared? He refuses to blame others for the strange events and tries to avoid violence.
What is a symbol? Can you think of an example? A symbol is something (in a story or in real life) that stands for something else. Examples: the flag, a heart, a four-leaf clover, a dollar sign (there are many other examples).
Internal conflict means a problem that a character has... With the character's own thoughts or feelings; it's a conflict that happens INSIDE the character.
External conflict means a problem that a character has... With another person or group of people, with society, with the natural world, or with something else that is OUTSIDE of that character.
Created by: joanne_wiggins



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