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Lit Voc 3y2q


Temper to tone down
reign to rule,to permit
restraint to hold back;to restrict
sobriety seriousness
rational based on reason
enactment to make into law
prominent standing out,distinguished
trodden to crush or squash
burgeon to start or increase rapidly
earnest sincere in attitude/intention
fondle to caress
temerity rashness
gloom deep sadness
linger to stay a long time
benevolent inclination to do good
spheres any rounded globular body,a heavenly body
staunch firm or steadfast;firm in purpose,resolution or faith
foam a collection of minute bubbles formed on the surface of a liquid
august inspiring reverence or admiration
profound having deep insight or understanding
Condemn to express strong disapproval
rupee the monetary unit of India, Mauritus, Nepal and Pakistan
Gorgon is a mythical female creature who has snakes for hair and can instantly turn person into stone
Whinny a gentle neigh of a horse
pulpit a raised structured in church from which the sermon is delivered or the service is conducted
moratorium suspension of activity
reversible able to turn on move in the opposite or contrary direction
Dyeing to color with a dye
snug warm,close-fitting
rump back end
Lug to pull along or drag with effort
Shaft a straight rod; a stem
Soggy soaked with water
peat decayed vegetable matter from bogs which is dried and cut into blocks for fuel or used for fertilizers
rasp a grating sound
Stoop to bend the body downward and forward
Coarse rough
nestle to rest snugly
spade a tool with a broad blade and a handle used for digging
Nick a small or chip made on a surface
Heaving to weave or move especially with great effort
turf the surface layer of grass and its root
Tenets belief or doctrine
maxim concise rule of conduct
unanimously showing complete agreement
sole only, being the only one
seclude to keep a person,etc,seperate from others
loft a space under a roof;storage area under the barn or stable
banquet a feast; an elaborate and sometimes formal dinner in honor of a person or occasion
Bend a curved turn
quagmire soft wet ground
discourse formal writing or speech
breadth measurement from side to side
depth deepness;the distance downward or inward
Barge flat bottomed vessel, used to transport freight along canals & rivers
Quiver a case for holding arrows
impious unholy act
infidel a person who does not accept a particular religion especially christian or muslim
wrangle to argue or dispute especially noisily or angrily
celestial heavenly or divine
prudent wise or judicious
Created by: ColSaCe101
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