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JFH Scholar Bowl-7

Wars and Treaties

treaty ending Mexican War Guadalupe-Hidalgo
treaty ending Thirty Years War Westphalia
treaty ended Franco-Prussian war Frankfurt
Germany's separate peace with Russia (1918) Brest-Litovsk
economic and political alliance of the Americas Organization of American States
treaty that gave Hong Kong to the British Nanjing (1842)
treaty ending Russo-Japanese War (1905) Portsmouth
War of Spanish Succession name in North America King George's War
time from Napoleon's escape from Elba to Waterloo 100 days
fort built by Washington and soldiers during French and Indian WAr Fort Necessity
number of planes needed to be shot down to become an ace 5
to whom Hitler dictated Mein Kampf Rudolf Hess
Nazi lieutenant colonel captured in Argentina who was tried and executed by Israel Adolf Eichmann
turning point of war in Pacific Midway
German armor during WWII Panzer
German army Wermacht
German air force Luftwaffe
Hitler's propaganda minister Joseph Goebbls
head of SS, former chicken farmer Heinrich Himmler
Created by: 15jms