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JFH Scholar Bowl-6

US Constitution and Government

civil service act passed under President Chester Alan Arthur Pendleton ACt
court case that established the power of judicial review by the Supreme Court Marbury vs. Madison
Supreme Court case that upheld "separate but equal" Plessy vs. Ferguson
1978 Supreme Court case of reverse discrimination Regents of University of California vs. Bakke
reversed 1978 decision in Regents of U Cal vs. Bakke Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education
SC case of clear and present danger Schenk vs. US
SC case, can't use quotas for racial balance, reverse discrimination Bakke vs. Regents of U Cal
presidential succesion 1-5 vice president, speaker of the house, president pro tempore of the Senate, secretary
Articles I, II, and III of the Constitution deal with these, respectively legislative branch, executive branch, judicial branch
age requirement to be president, senator, representative 35, 30, 25
citizenship requirements to be president, senator, representative natural US citizen, 9 years as citizen of state you are representing, 7 years as a citizen of the district you are representing
SC case: can restrict speech for "clear and present danger" Schenck v US
SC case: states must provide free legal counsel Gideon v Wainwright
SC case: accused must be informed of rights Miranda v Arizona
SC case (1972): death penalty was cruel and unusual punishment Furman v Georgia
SC case (1976): death penalty constitutional Gregg v Georgia
amendment that says electors vote separately for president and vice president 12
amendment that established 2 term limit 22
amendment that established direct election of senators 17
amendment that established that people in DC can vote in presidential elections, DC has 3 electoral votes 23
Lame Duck Amendment, new administration takes office January 20 20
no poll taxes 24
right to bear arms 2
speedy and fair trial, confront witnesses, know charges 6
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