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JFH Scholar Bowl-5


former dictator of Uganda Idi Amin
house of Richard III York
last of the 5 good Roman emperors Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius' philosophy Stoicism
divided the Roman Empire in 2 parts Diocletian
formed the Red Army Trotsky
wrote An Economic History of the Constitution Beard
John Glenn's shi[ Friendship 7
built the Aswan Dam in Egypt Gamal Nasser
replaced Nasser, was assassinated Anwar Sadat
previous president of Egypt Mohammed Morsi
Communist group in Nicaragua Sandinistas
leader of the Sandinistas Daniel Ortega
former dictator of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos
replaced Ferdinand Marcos as dictator of the Philippines Corazon Aquino
fascist dictator of Spain following Spanish Civil War Francisco Franco
replaced Francisco Franco as dictator of Spain Juan Carlos
Great Compromiser Henry Clay
former long-time leader of Ethiopia Haile Selassie
leader of Solidarity in Poland Lech Walesa
portrait artist of Henry VIII Holbein
vice president of Andrew Jackson that called for states' rights Calhoun
group that formerly ran Afghanistan Taliban
wrote Leviathan Hobbes
Muslim sect in Iran Shiite
former dictator of Cambodia Pol Pot
Pol Pot's organization/party Khmer Rouge
family name of Kaiser Wilhelm II Hohenzollern
family name of Henry VIII Tudor
mother of Elizabeth I Anne Bolyne
mother of Mary I Catherine of Aragorn
parents of Catherine of Aragorn Ferdinand and Isabella
debated Lincoln for Illinois Senate, idea of popular sovreignty Stephen Douglas
party of Margaret Thatcher, John Major Tory/Conservative
character that symbolized England John Bull
former female prime minister of Pakistan Benizar Boutha
said, "Go west, young man, go west!" Horace Greely
wrote Das Capital Karl Marx
said, "In the long run, we are all dead." Keynes
Roman emperor who moved eastern capital to Byzantium Constantine
Roman emperor who adopted Christianity Constantine
Roman emperor who made Christianity the official religion Thodosius
legendary founders of Rome Romulus and Remus
Soviet leaders from Stalin to Gorbachev Stalin, Krushev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, Gorbachev
4 Stuart Kings James I, Charles I, Charles II, James II
revolution that ousted James II Glorious Recolution
who came to power William and Mary
Truman's Secretary of State Dean Acheson
Eisenhower's Secretary of State John Foster Dulles
Kennedy's Secretary of State Dean Rusk
Lyndon Johnson's Secretary of State Dean Rusk
Nixon's Secretary of State William Rogers (first term) Kissinger
Ford's Secretary of State Kissinger
Carter's Secretary of State Cyrus Vance (1977-1980) Ed Muskie
Reagan's Secretary of State Alexander Haig (1981-1982) George Shultz (1982-1989)
George H. W. Bush's Secretary of State James Baker (1989-1992) Lawrence Eagleburger (1992-1993)
Clinton's Secretary of State Warren Christopher (first term 1993-1997) Madeleine Albright (second term 1997-2001)
George W. Bush's Secretary of State Colin Powell (first term 2001-2005) Condoleezza Rice (second term 2005-2009)
Obama's Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (2009-2013) John Kerry (2013-
assassinated Robert Kennedy (RFK) Sirhan Sirhan
Republican senator, against League of Nations Henry Cabot Lodge
voted against WWI and WWII Judith Rankin
New York governor, the "Happy Warrior" Al Smith
defeated by Hayes in 1876 even though he won the popular vote Sam Tilden
former communist dictator of Romania Coucesceau
conservative Prime Minister of Victoria Benjamin Disraeli
chief rival of Victoria's PM Benjamin Disraeli William Gladstone
defeated Churchill in 1945, attended Potsdam Convention Clement Attlee
Royal house of Elizabeth II Windsor
Prussian major-general, helped train colonists in Valley Forge during Revolutionary War Baron Friedreich von Steuben
proposed Share Our Wealth program during New Deal/his nickname Huey Long/The Kingfish
university where 4 were killed by National Guard Kent State
had Thomas Becket killed Henry II
leader of Spartans at Thermopylae Leonidas
archeologist/discoverer of Troy Heinrich Schliemann
McKinley's Secretary of State, came up with the Open Door Policy John Hay
Russian for minority, opposed by Lenin Mensheviks
Athenian, called for conquest of Sicily, betrayed Athens Alcibiades
3 French Dynasties following Carolingian Capet, Valois, Bourbon
designed geodesic domes in Montreal, carbon allotrope named after him Buckminster Fuller (buckminsterfullerene)
common people of Rome plebians
aristocrats of Rome, could vote/hold office patricians
aristocratic landowners in Prussia Junkers
US president known as the Great Communicator Reagan
2 opposing admirals at the Battle of Jutland and their countries Jellicoe (Great Britain), Scheer (Germany)
royal house of George I through Victoria Hanover
group of people tried for riot at 1968 Democratic National Convention Chicago 7
2 leaders of Chicago 7 Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman
Socialist candidate in early 1900s, led American Railway Union and Industrial Workers of the World union Eugene Debs
nickname of Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) union wobblies
wrote "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" Gibbon
jailed for junk bonds Milken
Frenchman who designed Washington DC Pierre L'Enfant
designed Vietnam Wall MAya Lin
newspaper heiress, kidnapped in 1970s, brainwashed Patty Hearst
group that abducted Patty Hearst/her name with that group Symbionese Liberation Army/Tania
last 5 Chief Justices of Supreme Court Vinson, Warren, Burger, Rehnquist, Roberts
writer-patriot leader of Cuba, fought for independence Jose Marti
2 generals for Latin American Independence Simon Bolivar, Jose de San Martin
had Square Deal program Teddy Roosevelt
had Fair Deal program Truman
had New Frontier program John F. Kennedy (JFK)
rounded Rhode Island, seperation of church and state Roger Williams
evil leader of Yugoslavia, practiced genocide Slobodan Milosevic
only person to serve as president and vice president without being elected Ford
Norwegian explorer who used Kon-Tiki, Ra, and Aku-Aku Thor Heyerdahl
Nazi lieutenant-colonel captured in Argentina, tried and executed by Israel Adolf Eichmann
Israeli secret police/intelligence agency Mossad
Israeli cabinet Knesset
Supreme Court justice nicknamed Whizzer Byron White
last Chinese dynasty Qing
Greek leader who made a very harsh code of laws Draco
historian who wrote of Peloponnesian War (Athens vs. Sparta) Thucydides
father of Persian War (Greek vs. Persians) Herodotus
President of Peru Alberto Fujimori
President of Russia Vladimir Putin
real name of Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski
drink Socrates used to kill himsel contained this herb hemlock
British general who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo Wellington
Prussian general who helped defeat Napoleon at Waterloo Blucher
terrorist leader, masterminded 1998 bombings of US embassies, 9/11 attacks on twin towers, led Al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden
Malcolm X's last name before it became "X" Little
only president to serve on Supreme Court Taft
Only president to serve in House after his term John Quincy Adams
French revolutionary killed in his bath by Charlotte Cordy Jean Paul Marat
judge who presided over Watergate case John Sirica
leader of Cambodia 1970-1975 (before Pol Pot) Lon Nol
Napoleon's foreign minister Charles Talleyrand
group of radical revolutionaries during French Revolution Jacobins
victor at sea battle of Trafalgar and the name of his flagship Horatio Nelson, HMS Victory
pharaoh/king buried in Great Pyramid at Giza Khufu aka Cheops
doctor accused of killing wife, basis for "The Fugitive" Sa, Sheppard
man convicted of killing Lindbergh's son Bruno Hauptmann
archduke of Austria who became emperor of Mexico Maximillian
Alexander the Great's horse Bucephalus
meaning of the name "Sacajawea" bird woman
US woman who spent 188 days in space Shannon Lucid
woman who tutored Helen Keller Anne Sullivan
2 presidents buried in Arlington JFK, Taft
one-eyed Israeli general who directed 6 Day War Moshe Dayan
John Paul Jones reply to Richard Pearson's surrender request "I have not yet begun to fight"
British archeologist who opened tomb of King Tut (1922) Howard Carter
president called "father of the spoils system" Jackson
newspaper of abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison The Liberator
2 men convicted of Oklahoma City bombing Tim McVeigh, Michael Fortier
prison where Rudolf Hess was held Spandau Prison
school founded by Plato Academy
school founded by Aristotle Lyceum
method of learning using constant questioning Socratic
to whom Hitler dictated "Mein Kampf" Rudolf Hess
Ferdinand and Isabella's daughter who married Henry VIII Catherine of Aragib
artist whose real name is Anna Mary Robertson Grandma Moses
grandniece of Henry VIII, rival of Mary I, ruled 9 days Lady Jane Grey
considered world's first absolute ruler Sargon
cabinet member indicted for Teapot Dome Scandal Albert Fall
President in office during Teapot Dome Scandal Warren Gamaliel Harding
shot Pope John Paul II Hehmet Ali Agca
shot Huey Long Dr. Carl Weiss
broke the code of hieroglyphics with the Rosetta Stone Jean Francois Champollion
1572 butchering of 3000 Huguenots St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
William I's list of possessions for taxing Domesday Book
code of honor of the Japanese samurai Bushido
samurai with highest status in feudal Japan Daimyo
representative body in France started in 1302 Estates-General
mix of white and Indian in Latin America mestixo
official home of British Prime Minister 10 Downing Street
committee during French Revolution Committee of Public Safety
headed the Committee of Public Safety during the French Revolution Robbespierre
address of the White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
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