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JFH Scholar Bowl-4


capital of Uganda Kampala
capital of Afghanistan Kabul
13th state Rhode Island
14th state Vermont
second longest river in Asia Huang He (Yellow)
second longest river in Africa Zaire/Congo
longest river in Asia Yangtze
longest river in Africa Nile
Longest river in South America Amazon
highest capital La Paz, Bolivia
second highest capital Quito, Ecuador
highest lake Lake Titicaca
capital of Burma Rangoon
capital of Chad Ndjamena
capital of Denmark Copenhagen
capitals of Bolivia (2) La Paz, Sucre
capital of Ghana Accra
capital of Norway Oslo
capital of Suriname Paramaribo
capital of Switzerland Bern
capital of Senegal Dakar
capital of Sierra Leone Freetown
capital of Alberta Edmonton
capital of Northwest Territories Yellowtown
capital of Prince Edward Island Charlottetown
Capital of Wales CArdiff
capital of Jordan Amman
Capital of Belize Belmopan
capital of Bulgaria Sophia
Capital of India New Dehli
capital of Grenada St. Georges
capital of Nepal Kathmandy
capital of Turkey Ankara
capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
capital of Sri Lanka Colombo
capital of Malta Valleta
capital of Berkina Faso Ougadougou
capital of Queensland Brisbane
capital of Nova Scotia Halifax
capital of New Brunswick Fredericton
capital of Newfoundland St. John's
capital of Kenya Nairobi
capital of Ethiopia Addis Ababa
capital of Ukraine Kiev
capital of Albania Tirana
capital of Pakistan Islamabad
capital of Bellorusia Minsk
capital of PErsia Persepolis
capital of Assyria Ninevah
capital of Babylonians/Chaldeans Babylon
gulf located directly south of Yemen Gulf of Aden
lake formed when 2 stream meanders meet oxbow lake
grassy plains of southern Africa veldt
gulf between Sweden and Finland Gulf of Bothnia
most populous island in Indonesia Java
sea between Dardannelles and Bosporous straits Sea of Marmara
most populous state capital in US Phoenix
Tennessee's secret "atomic bomb city" Oak Ridge
wind on eastern slope of Rockies Chinook
location of the running of the bulls Pamplona, Spain
Mason-Dixon Line separates these two states Maryland/Pennsylvania
lake created by Hoover Dam Lake Mead
largest river in India Ganges
deepest spot on Earth Mariana Trench
deepest lake in the world Lake Baikal
where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found Qumrum, Jordan
former name of the Gulf of California Sea of Cortes
place where Magna Carta was signed Runnymede
Great Lake with smallest surface area Ontario
shallowest Great Lake Erie
Niagara Falls is between these 2 lakes Erie/Ontario
only Great Lake entirely in US Michigan
largest river in Venezuela Orinoco
Russian peninsula in northeast Kamchatka
highest point in Russia Mt. Elbrus
large lake just north of St. Petersburg/frozen part of the year Lake Ladoga
capital of Zimbabwe Harare
capital of Nepal Kathmandu
this state is the furthest north of the lower 48 Minnesota
capital of Romania Bucharest
largest desert in Botswana Kalahari
county Miami is in Dade
county Chicago is in Cook
Soo Canal is between these two great lakes Superior/Huron
body of water shrinking because of irrigation Aral Sea
pass between Afghanistan and Pakistan Khyber Pass
sacred river of India Ganges
US state the Platte River flows through Nebraska
tallest mountain in South America Aconcagua
Huge waterfalls between Argentina and Brazil Iguacu
longest river in Asia Yangtze
second longest river in Asia Huang He (Yellow)
river boundary between Texas and Oklahoma Red River
river in Ireland Shannon
river between Germany and Poland Oder
world's most active volcano Kilauea
highest point in Africa Mt. Kilmanjaro
former name of the Hawaiian Islands Sandwich Islands
southern tip of South America Cape Horn
Southern tip of Africa Cape of Good Hope
large island at southern tip of South America Tierra del Fuego
2 countries that have split the large island at the southern tip of South America Argentina/Chile
strait that separates Tierro del Fuego from the rest of South America Strait of Magellan
river that goes through Rome Tiber
northern Italian river that flows into the Adriatic Po
highest point in Europe Mont Blank
barrier island chain off North Carolina Outer Banks
Minnesota area that produces the most iron in US Mesabi Range
easternmost point of the Outer Banks of North Carolina Cape Hatteras
bay in Rhode Island by Newport Narrangansett Bay
largest lake in Florida Lake Okeechobee
biggest river in Venezuela Orinoco
river flowing through Kiev and Chernobly Dnieper
disputed area between India and Pakistan Kashmir
flat, treeless plain in northern South America llanos
flat, treeless plain in southern South America/Argentina Pampas
cold, rough, windy, rocky region in southern South America Patagonia
2 names for teardrop-shaped island and its capital Sri Lanka/Ceylon; Colombo
canal that cuts across the Jutland peninsula in Germany Kiel
states that joined the Confederacy after Fort Sumter VA. AR, TN, NC
border states MO, KY, MD, DE, later WV
huge, exposed rock plate in Canada around Hudson Bay Canadian Shield
country with tree on flag Lebanon
state with triangular flag Ohio
sate with Union Jack on flag Hawaii
sate with square flag Alabama
longest suspension bridge in North America Verrazano-Narrows, New York
body of water where the battle of Jutland took place; also German name for the battle skagarrak
heroic stand by 300 Spartans to stall Persians Thermopylae
large sea battle, Greeks defeated Persians Salamis
where the Exxon-Valdez oil spill took place Prince William Sound
island that became home of HMS Bounty mutineers Pitcairn Island
2 cities destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD Pompeii, Herculaneum
fortified Incan city built in 15th century on top of mountain Macchu Picchu
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