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JFH Scholar Bowl-3

Firsts and seconds

1st state Delaware
1st state of 19th century Ohio
1st state of 20th century Oklahoma
2nd woman on US Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsberg
first white settlement in US and founder St. Augustine Florida, Pedro Menendez de Aviles
first 2 to climb Mt. Everest Tenzing Norgay/ Edmund Hillary
first dog in space Laika
first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova
first man in space Yuri Gagarin
ship of first man in space Vostok I
first American in space Shepard
ship of first American in space Freedom 7
first Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion
second Israeli prime minister Golda Meir
first to see Victoria Falls Livingston
President Jimmy Carter's first secretary of state Cyrus Vance
first US satellite Explorer
first empire and its ruler Akkadian; Sargon I
first written collection of laws Code of Hammarabi
first to reach South Pole; both poles Amundsen
first to fly over North Pole Byrd
first to reach North Pole Peary
first chief justice of US Supreme Court Jay
largest great lake Superior
second largest great lake Huron
first king of Great Britain (1604) James I
discovered Lake Victoria David Livingstone
first Chinese dynasty Shang
longest river in Asia Yangtze
second longest river in Asia Huang He (Yellow)
longest river in Africa Nile
second longest river in Africa Zaire (Congo)
highest capital La Paz, Bolivia
second highest capital Quito, Ecuador
highest lake Lake Titicaca
driest desert, no rain in 500 years Atacama Desert, Chile
tallest mountain Mt. Everest
second tallest mountain (2 names) and country K2/ Mt. Goodwin-Austen/Pakistan
tallest mountain in lower 48 states and state its in Mt. Whitney, California
tallest mountain in Africa and country Mt. Kilmanjaro/ Tanzania
Created by: 15jms