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Fr - Verbs

Basic french verbs

To share partager
To have, I have, they have, etc. avoir {IR}
To receive recevoir {IR}
To fall tomber
To eat manger
To owe, to have an obligation or debt, have a duty devoir, devoir ______ {IR}
Repeat répéter
To correct corriger
To inform, tell, advise avertir
To show, indicate montrer
Annoy, bother, bore ennuyer
Finish up finir
Search, look for, try to get chercher
Collect, take away unlever
Visit, check out (in person) visiter
Wash laver
Arrive, appear, come => come from venir => venir de
To like aimer
To work travailler
Be covered, will (with) couvrir {IR}
Smell sentir
Laugh at, make fun of moquer (se)
Swim nager
Go back, return retourner
Go, be doing, be going aller {IR}
To test, try on, test out, attempt essayer
To write, write down écrire
To begin commencer
Teach enseigner
Hear/Listen entendre/ecouter
Succeed in, at; manage to do réussir [réussir à faire]
Move bouger [faire bouger les choses]
To know savoir
To live vivre
Discover découvrir
To think, to think of penser
To get out/exit sortir
To become devenir
To believe, think, imagine croire, supposer
Desire, want vouloir
Request, ask demander
bring, take amener
To pick, choose choisir
To learn apprendre
Count on, hope for espérer
Become acquainted with, to get to know, have knowledge of connaître
Propose, suggest suggérer
Power, ability, authority, to be capable of pouvoir
Walk, function marcher
To hate, detest se haïr
dream, ponder, wish for, imagine, make up rêver, souhaiter?
be lacking, be missing, not there manquer
To make a phone call téléphoner à
Wait for, await, expect attendre
rise, come up lever
appear, seem, to be noticed, be visible paraître
Memory, recollection, take back to, be reminded of souvenir
To drink boire
Delight, please, appeal to plaire
Find, come across trouver
To rain pleuvoir
To forget, move on from, leave oublier
To throw lancer
Be priced at, cost, be valued as, deserve valoir
Stay, remain, continue; still+have [relax; have peace] rester [repos; tranquillite]
Get, obtain obtenir
Tell lies mentir
Must, have to, need to falloir
To do, make faire
To say, tell dire
Created by: dekim.barton