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Latin Words


affirmation a positive statement
aggrandizement the act of making oneself more pwerful; magnification
aggravation annoyance
alienated turned from friendliness to hostility or indifference; estranged
alignment adjustment
annihilated reduced to nothing
forte strong point
grandeur magnificence
impartiality fairness; equity
infinitesmial immeasurably small
infinitude limitless
investiture the act of authorizing
lineaments features
nullified invalidated
nullities invalidities
particularization careful treatment
travesty mockery; grotesque imitation
unalienable that cannot be taken away; unforfeitable
verbatim word for word
verbiage wordiness
abjure to recant; renounce
abstruse hard or difficulr to understand
accession acquistion; succession
adduced presented; alleged
advent arrival
affinity attraction; fondness
alleviate to relieve; ease
annulled voided; abolished
antecedent previous; former
circumlocution evasion in speech; verbiage
circumvented thwarted; foiled
collusion conspiracy
conducive helpful; useful
contravenes to contradict; deny
convened met; came together
deductive reasoned; derivable
delineate to describe; outline
deludes to deceive or fool oneself
deprecate to disapproce
divested stripped; deprived
align to bring into line
congregation assemblage
consecrate to make or set apart as sacred or holy
execrate to detest; to abhor
expunge to strike out; to mark for deletion
imperturbable calm; not easily disturbed or upset
imperviousness the quality of not being open to argumentation or suggestion
imprecation a curse
inadvertently carelessly; by mistake
incessant continual; constant
induce to cause; to bring about
injustice lack of fairness or rightness
insensate senseless; foolish; brutal
intercession the act of intervening between two parties in order to reconcile their differences
interlineations material written between lines that are already written or printed
interlocutor a person who takes part in a conversation or dialogue
obloquy blame; publie reproach
obtrude to push out; meddle
perjury the violation of an oath by giving false information
perverse improper; wrongheaded
compendia summaries; conspectus
concur to agree
conspectus synopsis; compendium
implement to put into effect, carry out
insuperable insurmountable
irrevocable irreversible; fixed
preclude to prevent; to make impossible
presentiment a feeling about the future; a foreboding
propensity a leaning, bias, tendency
protrusive sticking out, projecting
redundant wordy, unnecesary
regression return; reversion
retrograde backward; retreating
retrospective looking back (on the past)
seclusion detachment; separation
subvert to sabotage, undermine
succor help, assistance
supplemental additional
transgressions sins; infringements
video television
accede to agree with or consent to
centigrade having a scale of one hundred degrees
centipedes wormlike animals with pairs of legs for each body segment
convocation an assembly
decimated to destroy or kill a large part of
desecration violation of something sacred
dualism a condition consisting of two parts
elusive tending to slip away or be unexplained
incursions sudden attack or invasions
interlocutor one who takes part in a conversation
pensive thoughful or reflective in a sad way
primate any of the the highest order of mammal; an archbishop
quadrpartite divided into or consisting of four parts
quadrupeds animals that have four feet
sacrosanct very holy
semifinals one of two matches
sextuplets six children born at one birth
transverse lying or passing across
tripartite composed of three parts
viaduct a bridge over a canal, railroad, or road
aggrieved hurt; offended
bonbons small pieces of candy
biennial occurring every two years
compunction guilt; remorse
complexities difficult or complicated conditions
correlation connection; mutual relationship
equanimity calmness, composure
explicit clearly stated or shown
inanimate lifeless
incantations magic spells or rites
iniquitous unjust, wicked
interventionist a person favoring interference in an affair of another
magnanimous generous, noble
malice spite, ill will
millennium a period of one thousand years; a period of happiness, peace, etc.
multiplicity a great variety or diversity
optimize to make the most or best of
proffer to offer
quadrennial occurring every four years
secured to make safe or protect
successively coming one after another
aqueous watery
collare put together in proper order
colloquial conversational; informal
contemporaneous contemporary; belonging to the same time period
continual never stopping
corporal bodily
crucial very important; decisive; critical
devious not sincere; deceitful
dissimilar different; not similar
distend swell out or stretch out by pressure from within; expand
incorporeal not made of any material substance
injudiciously not showing good judgment
perennial lasting for a long time; perpetual; enduring
pertain to be connected as appropriate or in some way related
pretense a false claim
primal of early times; original
rectilinear in a straight line
temporal lasting for only a time; of this time only; transient
tenuous flimsy; weak; not substantial
verbose wordy
aquatic taking place in or on water
contemporary occurring in the present time
corpulent obese; fat; stout
deflated to injure or destroy the conceit or confidence of
enchanted delighted or charmed
generate to produce; to bring into being
generic pertaining to a whole class of similar things
gregarious enjoying the company of others
infer to derive or find out by reasoning
inflame to excite; stir up; arouse; kindle
invoke to call or bring into effect; implement
luminary a famous person; celebrity
luminous glowing; radiating light
precarious not secure or safe; uncertain; risky
quadrilaterals a plane figure having four sides and four angles
retained to employ by payment or a fee
senile characteristic of old age
servile submissive; slavish
turbulent disorderly; unruly
unilateral proceeding from only one of two or more sides in a contract, agreement, or transaction
aggregate the sum of separate units; combined mass
concubine a woman who lives with a man without being married to him
congenital existing as a result of faulty development at birth; inborn, inherent
diffident shy; timid; lacking self-confidence
expedient advantageous rather than fair or just; suitable
flagrant outrageously noticeable; blatantly offenseive; scandalous
incumbent resting (on a person) as a duty
inherent inborn; innate
inordinate much too great; excessive
insubordinate not submissive to authority; disobedient
omnipotent having all power
plenipotentiary having full power and authority
pungent having a sharp smell
resilient readily recovering, buoyant, cheerful
salient standing out; prominent
sedentary sitting still too much of the time; inactive
subsidiary subordinate or secondary
supersede to take the place of; displace; replace
terrain any tract of land especially considered with respect to its natural features
universe everything there is
assimilable capable of being absorbed
contingent depending on something uncertain; conditional
credible believable; reliable; trustworthy
credit to have faith in; believe; trust
defame to attack or harm the reputation of
despiceable despised; contemptible
docile easy to mangage or control
equable unvaried; even
fallacious deceptive or misleading
fallible capable of being mistaken
Fates the three goddesses who presided over the birth and life of humans
genitally in a manner pertaining to the sex organs
immutable not tending to change; never changing
incontrovertible not capable of being denied, opposed, changed
ineffable indescribable
intangible not capable of being touched
intractable difficult to persuade, influence, manage
obsessed to keep one's attention to an unreasonable extent
tenable capable of being defended
transmuted changed
acrid sharp, bitter, and stinging to the nose
adventitious added as something extra; nonessential
capacious capable of holding a great quantity
confluent flowing into one
decadent growing worse; declining
defoliated stripped of all foliage
distracting to turn (the mind or attention) away from a course or direction
efficacious having, showing, or producing the desired result or effect; effective
effluent sewage; waste water from plants
elevate to raise in quality
factitious not natural; forced
feasible excessively ornate or showy in style
florid to understand; comprehend
incredulous not will to believe; skeptical
pendulous hanging downward
perceive to restore to a good condition
pernicious causing great damage or harm; injurous
precepts a rule or action or conduct; guide
renovate to restore to a good condition
versatile able to do many things well
assiduous showing diligence or careful attention
compulsive having the power to drive or urge forcefully or irresistibly
conservative a person who generally favors keeping things as the are or were in the recent past
cursory showing haste and superficiality
deciduous shedding leaves each year at the end of the growing season
desultory jumping from one thing to another
discernible able to be recognized or perceived clearly
discursive tending to wander from one subject to another
during throughout the time of
effusive showing too much feeling or emotion
expository characteristic of speech or writing that explains an idea, a process, etc.
impulsive tending to act on a sudden influence, idea, etc.
introspectiveness the quality of looking inward and examining one;s own thoughts and feelings
nascent just beginning to exist or develop
obdurate stubborn, unyielding
perspicuous easily understood
prefatory introductory
repulsive causing strong dislik or disgust
sensuous made aware of through the senses
tortuous full of twists and turns
acuity quality of being perceptive; sharpness; acuteness
affability courteous and considerate manners
amity friendly relations
animosity strong and active dislike
deity a god
efficacy the power to produce the desired effects
fortitude courage in the face of pain, danger, adversity, etc.
inequity a state of being unfair or unjust
inexorably in an unyielding manner; relentlessly
infirmity the state of being in bad health; weakness, debility
lucidity clearness or thought or perception
primacy the fact or condition of being first
probity integrity; rectitude
rapacious given to plundering and seizing by force
rectitude moral integrity; honesty
stringent marked by strictness (concerning ruls and standards)
surreptitious performed secretly
translucent letting light through
verities a truth or a true statement
verisimilitude an appearance of truth
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