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Excel 2010

Name Box Shows the name of the active cell
Formula Bar Bar that shows the formula. Also can be typed in to insert a formula into the active cell.
Active Cell The cell that is selected.
Columns Is named by letters and displays data going up and down.
Rows Is named by numbers and displays data going left and right.
Worksheet tabs They are like pages in a book
Cell addresses Made from the cells column letter and number such as cell A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.
Shift + Space Select entire row
Ctrl + Space Select entire column
Ctrl + 9 Hide selected rows
Ctrl + 0 Hide selected columns
F5 Go to dialog box
F2 Edit active cell
F4 Create an absolute, normal, or mixed reference
Auto Fill Allows you to fill cells with preset data.
Equal Sign = You type this when you begin a formula.
f(x) What the "Insert Function" button looks like
Comment box Allows you to type comments within a certain cell.
Range Group of cells in a worksheet that have been selected
Contiguous range Range that consists of a simple connected rectangular group of two or more cells
Non-contiguous range Range that consists of two or more non-connected contiguous ranges
Chart Visual representation of worksheet data
Sparkline Small embedded line graph that illustrates a single trend.
Values - Number format Is used to change the appearance of a number or value in a cell in the spreadsheet.
Cell Style Allows you to change the look of the active cell
Document theme Allows you to put preset themes with different fonts and colors on the entire document
Conditional formatting Allows you to put a preset format on certain cells
AutoFit Feature in Excel that automatically changes the size of a cell
Shift + F11 Create a new worksheet tab
Alt + = (Autosum) Shortcut for adding the SUM function in the active cell
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