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Quiz Bowl #3

Inportant Quiz Bowl Info

Who was the second President of Germany, aka the one during WWI? Hindenburg
Who wrote the Tale of Genji? Lady Murasaki (Shikibu)
Who wrote Leaves of Grass? Walt Whitman
What poem did Whitman write which is about Lincoln? O CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN!
Who were the two nominees in the 1800 Presidential Election, and what parties were they in? Thomas Jefferson (winner; Democratic) and John Adams (runner-up; Federalist)
What type of molecule prevents oxidation? Antioxidant!
What is entropy? unavailability of a system's thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system.
What is enthalpy? a thermodynamic quantity equivalent to the total heat content of a system. It is equal to the internal energy of the system plus the product of pressure and volume.
Which battle in the Second Punic War did Hannibal and the Carthage people beat the Romans? Battle of Cannae
Which Russian composer created a second symphony with a 5/4 meter? Tchaikovsky
Which Tennessee President was the first to have an assassination attempt against him? Andrew Jackson
Which Russian author wrote Eugene Onegin? Pushkin
Which composer created the opera "The Marriage of Figaro?" Mozart
Which French philosopher wrote "A Description of the Human Body?" Descartes
Who was the pope during the Third Crusade? Pope Innocent III
Which Russian writer wrote Anna Karinena, and who is the protagonist? Tolstoy; Kitty
Which Genevan philosopher wrote "The Social Contract?" Rousseau
What is the "Social Contract" about? The best way to set up a political community is to face the problems of commercial society.
Which American-British writer wrote "A Portrait of a Lady?" Who is the protagonist? Henry James; Isabel Archer
Created by: thatcows314