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Social Studies Ch 3

Age of Exploration

what group sailed to the America's in the 1500 and explored eastern Canada? Viking
someone who buys and sells goods to ear money merchant
Who left Italy in 1271 to journey to China? Marco Polo
How long did Marco Polo live in China? 16 years
Who did Marco Polo work for? Kublai Khan
What were three things Marco saw in China? paper, printing and gunpowder
What was the name of the route used to transport goods from China? Silk Road
Who was sent by China to explore Southeast Asia and the African east coast? Zheng He
What is a placed ruled by a king or queen? kingdom
What is a group of people and animals who travel together? caravan
Who was the Mali's greatest ruler? Mansa Musa
What did Mansa Musa do in Mecca when he visited? he set up trade agreements
What happened in Europe during 1300's and 1400's? Renaissance
What does Renaissance mean? rebirth
What made the Renaissance special? new interest in writing, art, science, and ideas from the ancient Greeks and Romans
Is the use of scientific knowledge and tools to do things better and more rapidly? technology
In what year was the printing press created? 1454
Who created the printing press? Johannes Gutenberg
Why was the creation of the printing press so important? allowed books and ideas to spread across europe
Is the Science of planning and controlling the direction of a ship navigation
Is a tool that measures the height of the sun or a star above the horizon. astrolabe
Who taught the Europeans about the astrolabe North Africans
What is an instrument with a magnetic needle that always points to the north? compass
Who were the first Europeans to find a sea route to Asia? Portuguese
Who created the school of navigation in Portugal? Prince Henry - the Navigator
What is a cruel system in which people are bought and sold and made to work without pay? slavery
Who was the explorer who was the first to go around the southern tip of africa? Bartolomeu Dias
Who was the first explorer to reach India? Vasco da Gama
What year did Bartlolmeu Dias sail around the cape of good hope? 1487
Sailors could use this instrument to find out how far north or south they were? astrolabe
what year did Columbus receive approval from Ferdinand and Isabella to sail to America? 1492
What were the reason's for Columbus expedition? Looking to make money from God and spices to pay for the Spanish Reconquista and spread Roman Catholicism
What were the three names of Columbus ships? nina, pinta, santa maria
What was the island Columbus landed on first? San Salvador
What is a small community of people living in a new place? settlement
What is an outbreak of disease that spreads quickly and affects many people? epidemic
what were the harmful effects of the Europeans in the west indies? cut down rain forest, built sugar plantations, many american animals and plants were destroyed, brought disease
What did Columbus bring back to Spain? corn, peanuts, potatoes, tomatos, chocolate, and certain peppers, beans and squashes
What did Columbus bring to the Caribbean? cattle, horses,pigs, bananas, coffee beans, sheep
Who's crew was the first to circumnavigate the world? Magellan
Is to sail completely around something? circumnavigate
Is a journey to achieve a goal? expedition
what is spanish for conqueror? Conquistador
IS many nations or territories ruled by a single group or leader empire
Who was the explorer for discovered the Aztecs Herman Cortes
Who helped Cortes communicate with the Aztecs? Malinche
What was the name of the Aztec ruler? Moctezuma
Who defeated the powerful Inca's? Francisco Pizarro
Who was the first to reach north america? Ponce de Leon
What was ponce de leon looking for? fountain of youth
Is an area of land ruled by another country? colonies
What is the oldest city built in North America? St. Augustine
What is a large farm or ranch? hacienda
means to change a religion or a belief convert
Is a violent uprising against a ruler? revolt
lines- run east and west and measure distance north and south of the equator? latitude
a line of latitude is also called parallel
lines of - run north and south and measure distance of east ans west of the prime meridian? longitude
a line of longitude is also called a meridian
the exact latitude and longitude of a place on the globe is also called is absolute location
the ---- revolt was the most successful Indian uprising in the history of New Spain? Pueblo
who was the leader of the Pueblo revolt ? Pope
What were major accomplishments of the Spanish colonist? created missions to converted Indians to Catholicism,built forts, cities, haciendas,
who were the first explorer to see the grand canyon? Coronado
Who published a book requesting better treatment of the Indians? Cabeza de Vaca
Who was the first explorer to reach the Mississippi river? de soto
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