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intranet network used by a single organization and accecible by authorized users
web protocol http
cookie text file created by the server computer when a user enters information into a website
plain text files a type of file that uses english or other native languages
netiquette guideline be considerate of other people's beliefs
encryption process of translating data into a code that is not readable without a code
application is used to publish a web server web browser
how many files does a newly defined webside contain? 0
cell padding number of pixels between the content in a cell and the cell's boundary
who is the target audience? individuals intended to use the website
largest font size
what tag is used to create a hyperlink?
pixel unit of measurement related to screen resolution
cell spacing cell spacing is the number of pixels between cells
how would you insert a break in a cell shift+enter
top global navigation bar first and second levels of the navigation structure
top breadcrumb trail displays the path from the homepage to the current page based on the navigation structure
top placement something that is placed above the fold.
placement the layout of the webpage elements
consistency repeating the placement and use of elements about the webpage
usability how well the user can navigation through the web page
what is the maximum number of fonts used on a webpage? 2
What is a good choice of font size to use in paragraphs of a web page? 14
What attribute is used when selecting the weight? the thickness of text
appropriateness how well the elements in the website match the purpose and target audience
visual cue a visual cue to know which pages are not the home page
usability is indicated by how easily the user navigates through the web pages to find the information
assets panel helps maintain consitency in the content throughout a website
one point is equal to 1/72 of an inch
numbered list list that goes in order of importance
site map can be displayed to help visualize and work with the structure of the website
label information on a form to describe the purpose of an object
field each piece of data in a record
how do you upload a website by publishing a website
meta data information about the webste's content that is added to a document in a meta tag
digital signature encrytpic code that is attached to an email message to varify that the message is authentic
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