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Quiz Bowl #2

Important Quiz Bowl Info

Which Italian Baroque composer composed "The Four Seasons?" Vivaldi (a woman!)
Which three instruments are Vivaldi's solos focused on? The violin, bassoon, and cello
Which Austrian composer is known as the "Father of the Symphony?" Haydn
Who wrote "Crime and Punishment", and who is the protagonist of the story? Dostoyevsky; Rascolnickov is the main character
What are some other noticeable works by Dostoyevsky? The Brothers Karamazov, The Idiot, Demons, Poor Folk, and Notes from Underground
What is the name of the general assembly of Iceland? The Allthing
Who beat Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo during the War of the Seventh Coalition? The First Duke of Wellington (Wellesley)
Which English crime writher wrote "Murder on the Orient Express?" Agatha Christie
What was Agatha Christie's usual pen-name? Mary Westmacott
What is the name of the wars that were fought by the British in South Africa? Boer Wars
What were the Boer wars about? The British were fighting two Dutch settlement groups over land in South Africa.
What is the name of the text where Norse mythology was compiled? Prose Edda
Which river is the longest in Poland and also flows through its capital? The Vistula River
Which American writer wrote "The Last of the Mohicans?" James Cooper
What are some other noticeable novels by James Cooper? The Prairie, the Red River, and Precaution
Which American author wrote "O' Pioneers!?" Cather
Who is the protagonist of "O' Pioneers?" Alexandra Bergson; She is a Scottish who have to leave the prairie
Who created the play "Taming of the Shrew?" Shakespeare
Which Austrian composer of light music created the opera "A Night in Venice" and the song "On the Blue Danube." Johann Strauss
What other incomplete play by Strauss is about an Italian ruler? Romulus
Which prime minister of Great Britain fell from power in 1922? David Lloyd George
What volcano is the biggest on Hawaii and also considered the largest on Earth? Mauna Loa
Created by: thatcows314