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The Outsiders Ch.1

Who is telling the story? Ponyboy Curtis is telling the story. The story is written in first-person.
Who are the Socs? What do they do? What modern-day dress would they wear? The Socs are rich kids from the West Side. The attack greasers and damage property. They throw beer blasts. They wear madras and loafer shoes.
Who are the greasers? What do they do? What do they wear? The greasers are poor kids from the East side. They steal things, drive souped-up cars, hold up gas stations, and have a gang fight once in a while. They wear blue jeans, T-Shirts, leather jackets, tennis shoes and boots.
What made Johnny scared of his own shadow? He is scared of his own shadow because four Socs got hold of him when he was 16. They jumped him.
Explain the smile: I stood there like a bump on a log. Bumps on a log are still and don't react in a useful or helpful way. Ponyboy is standing there without reacting or using his head like a bump on a log.
What thought finally gave Ponyboy the will to scream for help and to struggle as he did? The thought that the Socs could kill him.
What do we learn about Ponyboy's dad? Ponyboy's dad and mom were both killed in an automobile accident. Sodapop behaves like pony's mom and Darry behaves like his dad. Also, Ponyboy's father looks like Darry but acts the opposite.
Why is 14 year old Ponyboy accepted by the older boys in the gang? Pony was accepted because he was Darry and Sodapop's younger brother and he kept quiet.
What does the simile"Sodapop attracted girls like honey drawn flies" mean? This means girls really like Sodapop and he can get dates and girls ask him out a lot.
Where did Two-Bit get his name? What is his real name? Two-Bit got his name because he always made funny remarks and never stopped talking. His real name is Keith Matthews.
What is a rumble? A rumble is born of a grudge fight and the opponents just happen to bring their friends along.
Why can't Ponyboy's friends win against the Socs? Ponyboy's friends can't win because the Socs have all the breaks and even whipping them won't change that. The Socs have money, lawyers, and rankings.
What do you suppose Dally did when he "rolled drunks"? Dally probably stole from people.
What was going on at Johnny's house? How did belonging to a gang help him? At Johnny's house his father was always beating him up and his mother ignored him. He would've run away a million times if it weren't for the gang. The gang showed him what love and affection really was.
Where has Dally spent the last-little while? Dally spent the last-little while in New York where there were a lot of gangs and fights.
What is the difference between "tough" and "tuff"? Tough means rough. Tuff means cool/sharp. Three things that are tuff today are smartphones, convertibles, and flat-screen tvs.
What is the nightly double? The nightly double is a drive-in movie theater. They sneak into the theater just for the fun of it even though admission is only 25 cents if you are not inside a vehicle. two movies are shown per night, hence the name "nightly DOUBLE"
Created by: Katrina1212